Checking In

Kale and I went to our four week midwife appointment today for a weigh in and to generally see how things are going. Every time I go to see our midwife, I feel a huge sense of reassurance that what we are doing is “right” and that Kale is a thriving healthy little dude. I walked to the appointment (note to self: walking in 30 degrees is stupid) and by the time we got there we were both completely sweaty.

He is weighing in at 10lbs 11ozs, which means he is also a piglet. He was alert and awake the entire time we were there, and Linda seems to think he is going to be an early walker given the head control he is already showing and given the alertness he is seeming to display. Guess I have to baby proof the house sooner rather than later. So long glass cabinet full of wine glasses, its been nice knowing you. 

Kale is also a sweat-er – a fact that I, as the feed bin, cannot stand, and he has developed a bit of a rash because of the sweat. Ross has been taking the little monster into the shower with him – he hated it at first but appears to now be enjoying it – and tonight we are going to start a bedtime ritual and massage him after the shower.

I swear today I almost got a smile out of the kid – we were playing “that’s your nose” and I am pretty sure it wasn’t gas. I need more “That’s your nose” to be sure. But man, holy cute.

13 years ago