Dog as Pillow

Since we brought Kale home, Mooki has been sleeping, for the most part, on her bed, which is a pink fleecy round pillow I made her with an old duvet as the stuffing. Before we brought Kale home, she tended to sleep in the most inconvenient places possible – in your crotch on the hottest day of the year, or with her butt pressed up to your face. Ross hated sleeping with Mooki, I on the other hand, tended to secretly invite her up on the bed.

But in any event, Mooki has appointed herself lowest dog in the pack now that we have Kale and as a result, she sleeps in her little bed on the floor in our room instead.

A few nights ago, Ross, Kale, and I retired to bed and I gave Kale a hearty feeding and we all were bunking down. Ross had been particularly tired that day, so he fell asleep as I was feeding Kale. Mooki had been sleeping on my pillow. And so when I was done, I put Kale in his spot between us and attempted to shoo Mooki off the bed – or at least, off my pillow. She apparently was really comfy as she simply scootched farther away and embedded herself in between our pillows. Knowing Ross doesn’t really care for the dog sleeping with us, and knowing he tolerates it because for the most part she sleeps at my feet, I woke him up and asked him to help me move her as she had shuffled too far away for me to pick her up and I would have had to lean over Kale to do so.

I guess he was really tired because he said “whatever” and promptly dropped right back off to sleep.

Okay, I figured.

We woke up the next morning and Ross took one look at Mooki and said “Moo, what are you doing on the bed up here?” I guess he didn’t remember the conversation, so I reminded him that I had given him the opportunity to remove her.

She sneakily and lovingly looked at us. I guess in her mind, disguising oneself as a pillow is the surest way to get the best spot on the bed.

13 years ago

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