The Bouncy Chair

Kale is showing a remarkable predilection for sitting upright and he loves the kicking. But, sitting propped up in the couch is only cool for so long because a) it gets hot being wedged in between cushions and b) it can get a bit slidey and pretty soon Kale is about 3 inches tall and smooshed down into himself. And that, my friends, causes the “regurgitation”. ( I can hear my midwife, Linda, saying to me “Now, Jennifer, newborns don’t ‘puke’ per se, they regurgitate.” Dude – my butt they don’t puke – see exhibit A, my wardrobe of smelly clothing).

I spied a bouncy seat some time back in the good old days of “just being pregnant” at my neighbourhood Sears outlet, and was enamoured with its “old-skoo-meets-new-skoo” design elements. It didn’t light up, speak to my child in some grammatically incorrect Muppet voice, make a cheese sandwich, or any of the other shite that today’s children’s items seem to all do. It had wood dangly toys, metal structuring, and (this was the kicker for me) no effing Disney or Winnie the Pooh decals. Man do I hate me some Disney. Of course, there were only four left, they were on clearance, and you think I could find a brand name to do some comparison shopping? Yeah, of course not.

Today, however, I went on the hunt for the elusive Perfect Bouncy Seat and was pleasantly surprised that a quick google search of “bouncy seat with wood toys” returned the answer! A-ha! It is the Combi Pod Bouncer in Wasabi Green. According to Combi’s American website, it has a MSRP of $90 US and the one at Sears was on clearance for (as I recall) $75 so as far as I am concerned, it seems like a good deal. If you didn’t go and check out that link, dude, the bouncer has a freakin MP3 hookup. Awww yeah! Who is the most techie nerd baby evah? You got it! Hopefully Sears still has these puppies in the corner. They were collecting dust – my guess is that they didn’t have enough damn Elmo all over them so I am hopeful they are still there.

So, my mom was over for a visit Friday (hi grandma!) and we went to Sears and I bought the bouncy chair. We brought it home and strapped Kale into it and HA HA HA he thinks its awesome.

It was hilarious watching him make friends with “Starry” and then notice “Roundy” and then “Moony” as they dangled from the toy bar. It’s awesome. And (and I know this is totally vain and completely lame but oh well) it matches our house.

Here is Kale partying in his chair with his new friends Starry, Roundy, and Moony. (And yes, his outfit matches his new chair – I am all about the matching.)


13 years ago