Rough Ones

We’ve had a few rough days and nights this week. I suspect its actually a combination of two things – the mysterious 6 week “growth spurt” and also Kale’s tummy trying to catch up with my milk let down. Kale has been gassy and fussy and screechy at feedings, and taking ages to settle. I hit a wall last night when, for the fifth or sixth time, Kale broke into screeching red-faced crying in the middle of a feeding. Fortunately for me, Ross was home and was able to console Kale while I went and consoled myself. It’s so hard not to feed rejected even though the logical part of my brain knows that’s not the case. We are working on coming up with solutions so that we can ride out these rough patches and help Kale work through the gas and the fast milk let down. I’m going to try smaller more frequent meals (less puking! yay!) and positioning during feeding to sort it out.

There are always going to be these rough patches – a fact that is hard for me to grasp I guess. I’m one of those people that simply expects things to work the way I envision them to work and kids? Well, kids are sort of the opposite of that. My number one parenting rule is “flexible” and I keep saying that to myself during the crappy moments. I’ll admit that sometimes I forget to hear that mantra, but for the most part, I can calm myself down. These crappy moments will pass. I also keep reminding myself of a mathematical formula I made up: 1CM = (AM*10000) where C=crappy, A=awesome and M=moment.

In other, non-child related news, I bought new glasses. Ross and I are soon switching over to his medical benefits and he doesn’t get nearly as much vision care allowance as my plan does, so I took advantage of it while I could and bought new glasses. I normally wear contacts but I can see with having a child that I’ll likely need to  be able to pop on glasses faster. Here are my old glasses:


(Zoinks! Look how small and smushy he was only 6 weeks ago!)

And my new ones:


I quite like them! The glasses are brown and sort of tortoise-shell-y on the arms and have some blingy diamond-y things on the sides. They also fit properly, unlike my previous pair, and they also have springy arms. Plus, I paid the extra bucks and got transition lenses, which are what always stopped me from wanting to wear glasses in the summer in the first place.


13 years ago

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  1. I read bits from a book called The Wonder Weeks that explained what was going on with your baby during certain developmental phases. It was nice to have the reassurance that all babies go through things at pretty much the same time.

    Cute glasses!

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