Holy Cuteness Factor, Batman

its been Stupid Hot here this past few days, which is compounding pretty much all of life’s problems. I hate the heat. I wil never be retiring to Arizona, that’s for sure. Give me 20 degrees anyday. I don’t care if its sunny or cloudy – 20 degrees is perfect.  Anyway, to beat the heat, we took Kale for a short walk in his stroller at 9 o’clock last night and it was lovely out. We gave him a new nickname – the Cute Ness Monster. Then we came home and Daddy and Kale had some time together on the couch while I was getting ready for bed and I guess they had a little nap together. I managed to snap this picture. All together now – “Awwwwwwwww.”


13 years ago


  1. How adorable (and Kale looks cute too :)). Seriously though, that is such a great photo. There is something really special about b & w pics.

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