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Inspired by a blogger I read with regularity, I think I’d like to try geocaching in a few months when Kale is older. Fortunately, my workplace sells GPS units so I have put an email in to get a price quote to see if my staff discount can justify the purchase.

Ross has his mountain biking, in which he elects to hurtle himself down the side of a steep hill on a cobbled together collection of thin metal protected only by a plastic helmet and some decorative elbow and shin pads. See also: dislocated ring finger.

He’s also into snowboarding, in which he elects to throw himself down similar steep ice- and snow- covered hills covered only in fluffy clothing, a plastic helmet, and some gloves. I, as I am sure you can tell, think that doing anything that involves travelling down any sort of a hill at a high speed is a waste of a perfectly good afternoon that could be better spent sipping a chai on a patio, or better yet, drinking a Strongbow in some sort of reclining chair. (There are times when I wonder if sedentary is a sport – because seriously, I could take Olympic Gold if it was).

Until a few years ago, I was an avid soccer player and then an injury and chronic illness made me stop with the slide checking. I like soccer not only for its flatness of field, but for the simplicity of the game. I very specifically remember being enrolled in soccer because a) it was cheap and b) the season was a long time. I actually got scholarships as a result of playing and frittered them away on Underwater Basketweaving 101 when I attended Malaspina University College (now renamed Vancouver Island University) the year after graduating from high school.

There is a photo somewhere on our hard drive, that I am currently unable to locate – woe for you – of me in full field hockey goalie gear – including sweet red Axl Rose-style headband and figure-enhancing rugby jersey. Field hockey is a game I played for a number of years and still never managed to figure out all the rules. I actually made “select” teams – I think because I was the only one willing to play goal. It’s a stupid, stupid sport. Seriously. Why not just play real hockey? (Oh right, I can’t skate worth a damn – such is the price you pay for growing up on the West Coast where skating COSTS and you can’t make an arena in your backyard with a hose).

More recently, I’ve become interested in slo-pitch. Originally, it was simply an excuse to drink in the hot summer evenings, but last year I took it a bit more seriously, and actually bought a new glove for the first time since I was 15. There was even a night of batting practise if you can believe it. I look forward to finding a new team next summer.

Are you guys noticing a theme with my “activities”?

I have lots of other non-field type hobbies that I am looking forward to getting back into as soon as the colder weather starts to appear on our horizon. Things like baking, correcting grammar, fundraising for lost causes, and sewing sock monkeys:

Cluster o Monkeys

I’m also anxious to try out a few other new hobbies: geocaching, as I mentioned, and scrapbooking, for example. I bought all sorts of gear to do the scrapbooking and now just need to get off my butt and do it, but its hard to motivate yourself to do stuff like that when the weather is nice. I can see myself getting into floor hockey (hello, cardio workout!) if I can find a place to play.

I’m also interested in, of all freakin’ things, fencing. Like, Olympic-style-poke-your-eye-out-with-skinny-little-swords-complete-with-white-outfits-and-mesh-helmets – fencing. I started thinking about it a while back (who knows from where I got the idea – I blame pregnancy) and last week I got the new “Community Guide for Active Living” from the New Westminster Parks Board and lo! – they offer FENCING. (WTF???)  The only catch is that I am just not quite ready to be doing that what with the whole newborn thang and I hope they offer it for the spring season next year because holy man will I be signing myself up if they do. Talk about a co-inkydink! Cue mysterious voice: If you think it, it will come!

(Sidenote: Hmmm…. I thought about fencing and it appeared in my junk mail…. ONE MILLION DOLLARS. ONE MILLION DOLLARS. ONE MILLION DOLLARS….. Damn. No luck.)

Where was I going with this post? Oh, right -activities we can do with our son. Like I said, I am interested in geocaching as an activity to do with Kale, and am actually writing a list of things to do with him as a family. I’d like to think that stuff like geocaching could be fun even when he is a passenger in a backpack carrier or later, when he is a toddler obsessed with finding treasure and possibly even later, when he is able to lead the chase himself. I remember camping as a child and later, going gold-panning… and it was nice to be outdoors doing “stuff” as a family that wasn’t necessarily a team sport. I want the same for Kale.

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  1. I want to try Orienteering and Cross Country Skiing. I grew up being a downhill ski racer and can’t stand downhill – I like the idea of XCountry because you get more of a work out in less time. 🙂

  2. There’s IAIDO offered in nanaimo– it’s learning to use the japanese sword. I always thought it would be SO MUCH FUN.
    Besides, once you learn how to use a sword (any kind of sword) think how much more funny the Princess bride quotes would be.
    You can say “Prepare to Die.” and actually mean it.

  3. I was an avid Cross country skier when we lived in Williams Lake for 4 years, and was actually part of the “Jackrabbit School of Cross Country.” Here, however, cross country seems to take place on steep mountains – sort of at the top on the flatish part. You STILL have to go up steep hills, you STILL have to come down hills…. its still far too much “hill” for my liking. In Williams Lake it was ALL flat and I loved it. It might as well have been around the high school track. 🙂

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