Puking: A Question

What a difference a few weeks makes.

So… when Kale was about three weeks old, he did an awesome robo-puke all over me and the floor. It scared the crap out of me. I went into immediate damage control and while I was cleaning us off in another room, I heard the dog lapping up the breast milk that had found its way to the floor. I immediately ran back to the puke and shooed the dog off of it and wiped it all up.

This morning, three weeks later, Kale had a small robo puke  – nothing major – and some landed on the floor. I figured “Meh, I will get that later” and picked the wee Bug up so we could have a burp and wandered to another room, not thinking the dog would notice.

Is it wrong of me, when I heard the dog dutifully licking up the breastmilk puke a few minutes later, to have thought to myself “Good dog, Mooki! Clean that up for me!”

13 years ago


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