Diapers and the Weekend Roundup

As most of you know, I sewed about 3 dozen cloth diapers for Kale before he was born. 8 of them were immediately placed on the “no” pile because I used a fabric that was a bit too rubbery and they didn’t stay done up well. The remaining ones were used for about two and a half to three weeks before Mr. I’m-So-Damn-Long grew out of them. I don’t have time to sew another batch, so instead I went looking for a buy-able brand that was the approximate same style.

Ross’ cousin Nicole was kind enough to pass on the diapers she uses on her youngest – they are a terry cloth diaper that you use a waterproof cover with. I find them ridiculously bulky and when I put them on Kale he wasn’t able to move his legs well. I think they will be better once he’s bigger but right now they just don’t cut it for me. One of Ross’ co-workers loaned us two different brands of pocket diaper to try out.

Sidenote: a pocket diaper is a diaper you stuff with the absorber in a pocket in between a soft layer and a waterproof layer. An All in One (or all in two depending on the design) is a diaper that has a soaker pad that is either attached or snaps or velcros in and it is all one piece (hence the name). The “classic” style of diaper is called a prefold and most people use something called Snappis to do them up or use them under a waterproof cover that velcros or snaps shut. Ross and I have decided to use a pocket or all in one (or two) as our preferred style of diaper. End sidenote.

 So, Ross’ co-worker loaned us two of each Fuzzi Buns and Bum Genius. The Fuzzi Buns is a sized pocket diaper with snap closures. It leaked quite badly for us – most likely because it was too big for Kale. The Bum Genius is a one-size pocket diaper with adjustable rise that velcros closed. Of the two, I prefer the Bum Genius, but I hate the velcro and I found the fabric inside wasn’t absorbent and that Kale’s clothing got very wet out from the top of the diaper. Again, this could be a fit issue. Either way, I am on the look out for used Bum Genius diapers (I think if I stripped the diapers and used another insert, they could work) and had some lined up on craigslist but she sold them to someone else.

I’m getting tired of searching for our diaper solution and of using disposables and decided this weekend to take matters into my own hands and I’ve placed an order with the lovely ladies up at Cloth Diapers Eh for three diapers to confirm the size and if they are the right size, I will order the other 9 to make a dozen. They are about the same price as Bum Genius and the advantage is that I am supporting a pair of Work At Home Moms here in BC. Plus they are made with high quality fabrics and they use snaps instead of velcro and I get to pick what colour of coordinating thread. If I am going to spend $20 ish per diaper, I feel better buying the diapers from WAHMs in BC than some big company that gets their diapers from China.

I will report on their useability in a future post, especially for those of you in the market for diapers.

PIctures from this weekend, because really what is a blog entry without pictures of a) my son or b) my dog:

Kale is definitely suspicious of the camera. I cannot for the life of me capture his smile (which comes almost constantly these days. Okay, well , maybe not constantly, but a lot!). He is on to me and every day I sneak the camera into his peripheral and I get this look: (oh and look, bonus booger shot):

We also went to the Vancouver Shiba Meetup again. Mooki is a grade A, class 1 bee-yotch, so we had to leave after she picked not one, not two, but three fights and either bit herself or was bitten on the tongue. Then Ross took her to get her nails done. The strain of the day took its toll on her, so she let her guard down and was seen being “nice” to Kale. And by “nice”, I mean, was within 4 feet of him.

Is it bad if we leave Kale on his change table for 10-15 minutes at a time because he is hypnotized by the black and white patterns we have put on the underside of the shelf above him? I mean, I realize that as soon as he can roll over that’s going to stop, but for now, he becomes entranced by the patterns (which I refer to as “his best friends”) and I figure if he is happy there, he can stay there for a few minutes, right? Its developing his mind, not neglect. Really. Just because I take the opportunity to make a cup of tea and maybe even brush my teeth while he is entranced, doesn’t mean I am a bad mommy.

And because Ross and I lead a true cosmopolitan life, we really partied it up this weekend and watched the animated movie about animals from the Central Park Zoo, Madagascar this weekend, and I gotta say, holy cow that was FUNNY. I don’t know why I missed that one when it was originally released because I generally make a point of watching all of the Pixar movies, but somehow I did. And holy schmoly it was a good one.

Where is August going? My God, having a kid is like some sort of science fiction time accelerator machine. Bring on the non-Stupid Hot weather!

Dear Autumn, how I missed you. Welcome back.



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  1. Ah yes, the mommy guilt! Haha, I used to feel guilty when Ash would take a three hour nap. So guilty, in fact, that I would WAKE HIM UP. Proving that I am a complete MORON>

  2. I’m jsut gonna get some prefolds to tide us over until Caden fits into the bigger cloth diapers we have from Jenna.
    “It’s a dangerous mission. The Private might not survive.”
    Madagascar penguins– the BEST CHARACTERS EVER. 🙂

  3. okay, seriously, those penguins were actually the best freaking part of the whole movie, and I knew there was a short about them so the whole time I was waiting to watch that.

    And yeah, I admit, I woke Kale up too. What the hell are we? Idiots? 🙂

  4. I don’t know…I’m kinda partial to the monkeys…”If you have poo…fling it now!”

    Sounds like you’re making some progress in the diaper department and it’s so awesome that you are able to stick by your committment to cloth diapers! I’d probably have given up by now 🙂

  5. I also liked it that the monkey was actually doing proper ASL and not just animated hand movements. LOL

  6. I’m curious to hear about how your new cloth diapers work out for you. I’m using prefolds and BumGenius and Moira is getting a little big for her prefolds. We got the BumGenius b/c I could order them cheap to my parents place in Florida and we could buy them locally (or get people to buy them for us). But now that friends are having babies and looking to us for cloth diaper advice I wouldn’t mind recommending something locally made (or local-ish). Also, I need to strip my BG because some of them don’t absorb as well as I would like but I think part of the problem was that I didn’t bump up the size for Moira when I should have because there is a lot less leakage now that I have her on the middle size.

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