Milestones and Reading

Kale reached a milestone today… he graduated to the next size of (disposable) diaper. WOO. He and I went for a walk (okay, I walked, he rode/slept in the Happy Sack) uptown today. I had a little list of errands to run:

  1. Diapers and wipes
  2. Bank
  3. Starbucks for Mommy
  4. Tea Tree Oil
  5. Library

Because I am an airhead, I forgot the cheque I was going to deposit in the bank at home. Duh. We did pick up diapers and wipes and tea tree oil, and we did stop at Starbucks for an Iced Chai for me so at least we accomplished most of the list. I’m still using disposable diapers and wipes until my cloth order comes in (which should be soon) and am looking forward to not having those items on future lists. Right now, though, they work.

We also dropped off two books at the library. I’ve been really careful to stick to a resolution I made last year to not buy books anymore and to only read what I can get at my local library. I live in New Westminster, which is a small part of the Metro Vancouver Area, but New Westminster is a bit of an island in the stream because the city likes to be rather self-encapsulated. Among other things, our public library (brag: the oldest library in BC) is not connected to the other municipalities, so I am limited to the collection held locally. Howver, I do have to say that its an excellent collection with really nice staff and its still only 20 cents a day if you are overdue.

I wanted to get a copy of The Wonder Weeks, as recommended by my friend Melanie, but for whatever reason, the library does not hold a copy. So I put it on the “suggest” list for them to buy one. Who knows. I did pick up a book called It’s a Boy! on child development – specifically boys and how they differ from girls. I also grabbed a book called Bright From The Start which is a book that advocates science-based nurturing of children’s mind using their version of the ABCs – Attention, Bonding and Communication – rather than toys that light up and offer your child a cheese sandwich, or any special “breakthrough” “new and improved” type of learning toy that doesn’t actually allow your child to learn.

One of the last remaining non-eco things I do, reading wise, is that I have a magazine subscription to Real Simple magazine. It expires in three months. Despite their near constant spamming of my mailbox, I have decided not to resubscribe. Not only is it a total waste of money, but there is almost nothing in the actual magazine I can’t get off their website. I will, however, admit I am glad to have received this most recent issue as it includes a huge amount of book recommendations and because I am trying to read more and TV less, I am cutting out that article and taking it with me to the library. I find the only downfall to the library is the method of display (ie: none) because I often get there and get sidetracked as to what I want to read and end up just getting non-fiction because that’s at least organized topically rather than alphabetically by author’s last name like the fiction section.

I have been pining away for a standalone e-book reader to truly go one more step. Amazon makes one that is supposedly the shizzle, but of course, like so many awesome products, it doesn’t work in Canada because our backwater CRTC doesn’t allow the use of the technology it uses as of yet. Sony does make one, and I actually like Sony products and can get a discount through my employer, but it doesn’t carry nearly as many fo-shizzle reviews as the Amazon one. Admittedly, however, Sony’s digital book reader has some special screen technology so the screen isn’t backlit – it actually looks like a book when you are reading it and also supports PDFs and Word docs, so you aren’t limited to the stuff you can get from the Sony e book library – in fact, the New Westminster Public Library now offers e-books.  Any of my techno-dork friends or relatives out there have an opinion?

13 years ago