I laugh when I write that word because my late dad’s wife used to insist that there were no problems in life, only “shallenges” (and yes, I wrote that with an “s” on purpose so you could hear the way she pronouced it).

I’m sitting and typing this entry as quietly as possible (how come this keyboard is so damn loud???) because Kale has finally fallen asleep on our bed by the desk. And by finally, I mean, holy crap, FINALLY. Its been a challenging day for our boy – I say challenging because it hasn’t been a bad day, per se, but more of the kind of day when he is sleep-resistant and oh-so-overtired so everything has turned into a CRISIS of EPIC proportions and he has really needed some serious intervention from mommy. I’ve spent all of my day so far in a constant rotation of bouncing, rocking, shushing, swaying, singing, playing, and when all the tricks in my “Go To Sleep” bag have been thrown out, I am collecting them up again and starting over. So finally, Mr. Sleep-We-Don’t-Need-No-Stinkin’-Sleep is a-slumber and adorable to boot.

First, a lovely photo of Gran with Kale. Ross’ mom, Pat was over earlier this week and we had an excellent day where Kale was Mr. Charming and Flirting and afterwards I was absolutely thrilled and proud of him to have been such an awesome and cheerful baby. Another family friend, Janet, also stopped by and we four had a nice day of tea and chat and Kale overload. Here is Kale asleep on Gran’s shoulder while Ross and I sat down to dinner together:

I’m kicking myself because my mom was over a few weeks ago and I didn’t even think to catch a photo of her with Kale – DUH. I am sure there will be other opportunities but at the same time I feel like a fool because its not like we can reverse-age the little dude in order to get these photographic memories later. So Mom – please remind me to take a picture of you and Kale next time you are over.

This week we have had a few red-letter days in which I not only get to eat breakfast and lunch (even if lunch is an almond butter and jam sandwich stuffed in my face over the sink) but also a HOT cup of tea before 10AM. It’s like I am getting the hang of this or something. Soon we will move on to showers during the day rather than waiting for Ross to get home to shower.

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  1. The funniest story my sister in law told me from her first baby was how about a month or so in, her husband came home and noticing that she hadn’t taken a shower (for the fifth time in as many days)asked her what she did all day. She gave him about 30 seconds to retract his statement before she would call a divorce lawyer. Then she made him take a day off the next week and had a day to herself. He never asked that question again. Good thing Ross is a lot smarter than that!

  2. I put Georgia on the bathroom floor (on a fluffy rug) and take a shower – she seems content to just lie there and watch me through the glass. I guess once she’s on the move that won’t be an option though (and it wasn’t something I would have considered doing when she was smaller!)

  3. If Moira is in a good mood (which doesn’t happen much these days) I pull her chair into the bathroom and take a quick shower – while singing to her. When she was younger she would fall asleep but she is now the Queen of “Sleep is for the Weak!” and I could only dream that she would actually fall asleep on someone’s shoulder. Still, I don’t get as many showers in as I should. 🙂

  4. I STILL shower daily- always have. I’m never really sure why moms think they can’t shower. I’d bring the bassinette into the bathroom beside the tub and more often than not, Ash would just fall asleep because of the water sounds.

    When he grew out of the bassinette, we moved him into the exersaucer and he still plays in it while both Clive and I shower (different times) every day. Sometimes he’s a little fussy, but nothing a song won’t fix, so we’re often singing in the shower. Easy peasy.

    Or maybe I have an easy baby?

  5. I wouldn’t consider Kale a “hard” baby, but I guess I don’t have the cherub you consider Ash to be. 🙂 Kale can go from cheerful to level 4 crisis in about 60 seconds, and I don’t want to be in a shower for 20 minutes and he’s been screeching for 18 of them. I suppose I can bring the bassinette in with me… but what do I do when he starts screeching and I have shampoo in? Rinse off, jump out, drip all over him while I try and comfort him? I’d rather wait for Ross to come home and actually enjoy myself in the shower and have some ‘me’ time.

  6. Yeah, I get cha. But have you tried showering with him? Maybe he’ll bliss out on the white noise of the running water? I guess the best thing to do is wait a while before shampooing- just see how he takes it, or maybe bring him in with you while you use the washroom and run the shower and see what his reaction is?

    Hahahahahhahahhahahah, Ash is not a cherub! Especially now that he’s turned into a whiny, complainy, needy toddler.

    I just never had to go without a shower. 😉

  7. Oops- I didn’t mean “showering WITH him,” I just meant showering with him in the room. To actually try it. You never know until you try, right?

  8. I’m gonna give it a shot (although I really enjoy long hot showers were *I* can bliss out and not think) this week coming. Today I put him in his bouncy chair and he watched while I flat ironed my hair. I’m not sure how well it will go over for a shower though, as the shower curtain is not see-through.

  9. Neither is mine. I don’t think babies need to be constantly watched though. Sometimes I leave the curtain partly open (esp now that he’s older so that can see I haven’t completely dissapeared). When he was younger I’d just peak out at him.

    I can totally, 100% understand your need to just bliss out in the shower and not have to worry about anything though! 🙂

  10. Its not me needing to watch him constantly, its him wanting to watch me constantly that makes me think we need a see through shower curtain. In any event, we are going to try it this week and see!

  11. Hope it works out!
    I purposely shower while Ash is awake so I can have more “me” time- rather than wasting his nap times in the shower. But I don’t enjoy showers as much as some people…

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