Mooki has been a bit forgotten about around here lately. She is more cat that dog anyways, so its easy to forget about her when she is sleeping about 18 hours a day. Moo has started to display signs that she is 9 – she’s been limping a bit when she firsts gets up and her snout fur appears to be greyer – but I often get asked how Mooki feels about Kale.

The truth is that Mooki couldn’t care any less about Kale. She sniffs him occasionally – most often when he has recently spit up – and she otherwise doesn’t care for him. When we first brought him home, Mooki would leave the room when he cried, but now she has grown accustomed to his noises and instead just ignores him.

I was thinking about the day that will eventually come when Mooki passes and I know I am going to be devastated. Kale will be still young – young enough to forget all about it as he grows – and I wonder if we will decide to get another pet after she is gone. I remember when my cat Bevan died thinking that no animal could replace him. And then I adopted Mooki and now I think that no animal can replace her.

The fault of pets is that we outlive them. I read once that pets have so much love to give that they only live for a little while because they love so unconditionally and so hard.

I’ve been making a point lately of trying to take Mooki for a walk just her and I. Although she gets walks every afternoon with Kale and I, I think its still important to take her out just the two of us and have some time together.

We’ve been taking Mooki to the shiba meet ups, but I don’t think she enjoys them as much as Ross and I get a kick out of seeing all the shibas running around. Mooki is one of the oldest at the shiba meets and I think her “grumpy old lady” routine wears thin on the other owners and dogs.

As much as I love Kale and feel that love so fiercely and strong, I also love my fur kid.

From Mooki
13 years ago

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  1. Ah Mooki! I love it when you post pictures of her. I have decided that even if the opportunity arose where we could get a dog, we aren’t getting one until baby #2 is a couple years old. I feel like I have waited SO LONG to get a dog of my own but it is rather nice not having to worry about one being neglected right now. I think it is different if the dog is already there because it is already a part of your life – but I wouldn’t want to introduce one right now. It is far to conveient to just leave Moira on the floor when I need to do things, especially since we don’t have a lot of space. I think it is great that you are making a point to spend time with Mooki alone – so many pets get forgotten when that first baby comes home.

    Also – I can’t believe she is 9 already!

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