I remember certain toys from growing up and its those toys I want to re-create for Kale. One of them was felt boards with all sorts of other pieces that you could put on the boards and create stories and pictures and the felt pieces would stick to this flocked backing. I did some research today and found out this was called Fuzzy Felt, and was created by a woman in 1950 in Britain. Its not particularly shocking I was exposed to this toy given my heritage. Ross, on the other hand, doesn’t remember this toy at all, and his earliest toy memory was Hot Wheels. I have a feeling that I can likely MAKE a knockoff of this toy myself… and just need to figure out what type of fabric to use for the background boards – I think some short velvet might just work. Hmmm…. stay at home mom business? I wonder…

Anyway, I have little time today as instead of working at the computer, I instead decided to go shoe shopping and bought myself a cute little pair of suede wedges:

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But fear not, friends. Here is an adorable video of Kale discovering himself for the first time in the mirror. Please excuse the extremely DORKY conversation I have with him, and the ridiculous way I say “baby”.

13 years ago


  1. Gillian stole my comment…the only words for this are the aforementioned ‘AWWWWWWWW!!!’.
    You look so happy, Jen and Kale is a sweetie pie 😀

  2. Cute! And I totally remember Fuzzy Felt (or a similar version of it). If you decide to make them I would buy one off of you – that is the kind of toy I would love for Moira.

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