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From Kale

Kale and I went “visiting” yesterday. We went to my workplace’s head office, and also my workplace. It was a long day for Kale, and I suspect I may have pushed it a tad too far. I so seldom get the car that I wanted to cram in as much stuff as possible. It was great though, to show off my lovely baby and get out of the house. But I think I was as frazzled as Kale by the end of the day and we both had some relaxing downtime when we got home.

The outfit Kale is wearing is sort of his current “socializing” outfit. At home, he is usually in a onesie and socks and if its chily, some pants. I don’t ever really care if they match or if they are stained – we are just at home. But when we go out, I make a point of dressing Kale in some of the many adorable outfits he was given before he was born and the one above is a favorite as it has all sorts of co-ordinating seperates. There are two other onesies and also a striped pair of pants and they all match. Under those bootie things are a pair of socks and I just want to show you a picture before I continue:

From Kale

Why exactly do infants need grippy feet on their socks? Is it just for show? Or do they think that there are super babies out there who are walking at 2 months? Seriously. What is that all about?

Today Kale and I are expecting visitors – a dear friend of mine and her family are coming over. Karina and I have known one another for ages and her and I have really enjoyed comparing notes because we were both pregnant at the same time and her son Caden was born a week after Kale. So this is the first time the boys are meeting and I am looking forward to seeing them all.

One last thing: Melanie, you will be excited to know that I am well on my way to creating those felt toys – I am buying a die cutter (a manual machine, used, off Craigslist, just for a trial) and am going to build a little set of the felt toys. I am also trying to find out if Mrs. Lois Allan can sue me if I start making my own version of Fuzzy Felt under another name? I also found a company that makes a die cutter machine that hooks up to your computer so you can program it to cut ANY shape and if the felt toys I plan on making take off, I will be buying that machine. I just can’t justify buying it quite yet though. Does anyone want to volunteer to be a toy tester? I’m going to make ten sets and would like kids to try them out and report back.

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  1. Haha, I’m so happy I gave you that outfit back to use for your baby! It seems to be getting a lot of use! I love any and all black clothes for baby, and if I remember correctly, that is black, green and yellow striped? So cute on him!

  2. Any shape? Like… Uglydoll felts? (Which of course could get you doubly sued).

    The Mister and I have laughed about those grips on the bottom of Moira’s things too – I’ve wondered if it is because asian children are so small and almost everything is made in asia? (Really, I have no clue).

  3. I remember playing with felt boards in primary school. They were very large and definitely not Fuzzy Felt brand… a quick search at the teachers store: http://www.teacherstorehouse.com/product2.asp?product_key=99967&order_key=&goto=product%5Fsearch%2Easp%3Fpagenum%3D%26type%5Fkey%3D%26classification%5Fkey%3D%26subject%5Fkey%3D%26language%5Fkey%3D%26season%5Fkey%3D%26grade%5Fkey%3D%26term%3Dfelt%26brand%3D

    There’s probably quite a large market for a unique, updated version of the felt board!

  4. Gillian – its navy and green and white. I love the outfit so much I actually bought all the pieces so I have three outfits in one. LOL. Melanie, when its time, I’ll make some special edition felt pieces for you of the ugly dolls. Karina and Kevin were here today and we brianstormed the toy and now I am SOOOOO gung ho to try. Also, I tried to buy a used manual die cutter today off Craigslist, but it was sold. Boo. But, the woman is SUPER nice and invited me over to her place to try all of her different machins – she is a scrapbook fiend and has like, 5 different machines to try! Woot!

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