The Worst $220 I Ever Spent

Okay so maybe it wasn’t the worst $220 EVER that I EVER spent – I am sure there are many empty shooter glasses at bars from my past that would qualify as “Worst $200 ever”, BUT… when Ross and I first found out we were pregnant, I went on an absolute tear reasearching all the things we needed for the upcoming baby. I kind of went on overload and I do have to congratulate myself that I wasn’t consumed with acquiring a bunch of “stuff” – rather, I was consumed with getting the best value for our money for the few things I felt were essentials.

I found and bought a Peg Perego Travel System including a car seat and base, a bassinet that converted to a toddler seat, and the chassis that it all attached to. I bought it used from a very nice lady and it cost me $220. She had bought it for over $600 brand new only a few years before. It was simple and plain grey and black, and all the covers are removable and washable.

Since Kale has been born, I have used the stroller maybe three times – once to go to the midwife and it was a huge process to putthe chassis in the car, get it out, clip the car seat to it, go TWO blocks to the midwife’s office, fit through the doors, blah blah blah. I used it again to take Kale for a walk, and he woke up every single time we went over a seam in the sidewalk. And Ross and I used it once more one incredibly hot night, and put Kale in the bassinet attachment starkers except for a diaper and walked around the block when it cooled off.

Otherwise, the car seat gets used, and generally the car seat stays in the car and Kale gets put in a carrier when we arrive at our destination.

The basket under the stroller isn’t even that big so… I can’t quite figure out if its useful or not! Once Kale grows out of the car seat (and its rated for 22lbs so that won’t be long for us) I am going to sell the whole system. Kale’s great-grandma has offered to buy us a “comprehensive car seat” that will last for a few years, and I’ll pick up a cheap umbrella stroller and put the remaining cash into his RESP. WAY smarter.

A friend has been sending me her list of “Worst $ / Best $”. She says the Bumbo is one of the worst and lists Fisher Price toys as some of the best. What do you guys list as your worst and best purchases? So far for us, the carrier a friend gave me (no-name carrier that she used for two kids that is so tattered and loved) is a best “purchase” and the stroller is one of the worst. I’d also list the dresser with change table (Kale is too long for it already) as one of the worst, and probably the Combi Ipod Bouncer as one of the best.

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  1. I’m wondering why the Bumpo is one of the worst? I’ve heard from lots of people that their kids love it. We have one for Moira and she doesn’t *love* it but she still isn’t sitting up straight enough for it just yet so I only use it with the tray to feed her. One of the things I do like about it is that it is light and I can throw it in the car and bring it to my Mum’s house. However – I thought Moira would be in it a lot earlier and can see that she might grow out of it quickly.

  2. Oh, and Moira kinda hates her stroller too. It is getting better now that she can sit up in it and look around (although if she gets sleepy she starts to slouch and we have to put the back down and she doesn’t like that). I’ve only ever put it in the car twice. Like you, if we are out I just take her out of her car seat and pop her in her carrier. We were at the mall yesterday because I had some errands to run and the amount of women pushing around strollers always shocks me. I mean, I hate going to the mall anyway but at least if I have to go I can just run around, get my errands done and Moira either watches from the comfort of my chest or falls asleep. That being said, we like our stroller. It isn’t huge and was free.

  3. She said the Bumbo was a waste primarly because of the shortness of time that its useful, as well, you can’t put it on a lot of surfaces (IE, a table) because once the munchkin figures out how to arch their back and make it topple over, its useless. I figure I got mine for free so it works for me! We still haven’t used it but man, are we ever close!I do need the tray though, we only got the actual Bumbo, with no tray.

  4. Hmmm. I’m glad I didn’t buy a change table, crib or bathtub for Ash. That’s the best money not spent!

    I should have bought a used stroller and a new car seat for Ash. We use the stroller for grocery shopping trips and really long walks. I think you’ll end up using the stroller when it gets colder out, Jen. It’s easy to bundle them up in the stroller (though you know I am all for baby wearing). The car seat/stroller combo cost me $400+ and I so did not need a brand new stroller.

    Ash can still use his bucket seat car seat, because even at one year he isn’t yet 22lbs. It’s safest for them to be back facing for as long as possible, so we just recently bought a 2-in-1 seat that’ll last him until he’s 4.5. BF babies gain weight like crazy at the beginning and then even out around 8 months. I don’t think he’s even gained a full pound in the past three months.

    As for the best purchase… the nose frida! Best snot sucker on the market!

  5. You’ll probobly start using the stroller when he get’s heavier, too. I really like the BOB revolution– so far anyway. I can’t wait until the magical 3 months so I can quit lugging the carseat IN the BOB- it’s so heavy. UGH I hate it.
    So, I to pop him into the carrier whenever possible… again, easy now, not so much when he get’s heavier.
    Worst… umm… crappy carrier that was given to us that has no waist support, so baby just hangs off the Traps. Ouch!
    Lotsa people have recommended the Baby Trekker carrier (similar to the one you have Jen), but I don’t think you can nurse in it like a sling.

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