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My friend Mia and I went to the “Go Baby Expo” yesterday. I was specifically going because the incredibly awesome ladies from Cloth Diapers Eh were there and I wanted to meet them. (I’ll be posting a review of our new diddies this week for those that are interested). I knew going to the expo that it wasn’t really going to be my bag and the stuff on display wasn’t really going to be my thing. And I was right. It was basically a stroller rodeo and we are talking strollers full of toddlers and infants, LOADED down with bags of stuff and lots of incredibly rude moms that are totally unaware of how freakin’ big their stupid strollers are that bump into the back of your legs and take out your ankles. I have to admit there was some good – meeting the ladies, like I said, and also I picked up a bit of free swag. But I was disappointed in the vendors, to be honest.

When you walked in, there was an enormous Similac booth, right next to the Costco booth. there were no less than 3 booths for professional photographers, The Pampered Chef was there, Epicure was there, also a lady who does goodie bags for kids parties (they were cool but nothing I couldn’t do myself, but I can see who would take advantage of her service), a woman who doodles your child’s name in coloured pens and each letter becomes a little drawing, the people that print out books with your kids name it in “while you wait”, a doula service (yay!), a post partum mother support service (yay!), and at least two seperate investment dudes (one of which completely insulted me when I told him that Ross and I just started a RESP for Kale and he informed me that “mutual funds are a terrible investment right now, they are totally tanking.” I thought “Oh really? So investing with you is SUCH A BETTER IDEA? Hmmm….. this is a 18 year investment. I don’t really care what the market is doing now, it doesn’t really matter, dipshit.)

There was also a Discovery Toys rep there (and I have been considering signing up as a Discovery Toys person because I agree with their 100% lifetime toy warranty and the fact that they select pretty good toys to sell), as well as the Usborne Books people (again, I am considering signing up to sell). There was also a organic produce delivery service company which I took their info for, it looked very interesting, and a company called Mabel’s Labels, which is a label company that sells labels for all varieties of surfaces that are customized with your kid’s info – awesome for school or daycare or camp or whatever. There was also a booth for Family Book Coupon Book (which I bought as it was on special for $15). Also – Thyme Maternity had a booth (boring), as well as a few others I can’t even remember they were that forgettable.

In my mind, noticeably absent was the Midwife Association of BC (it would have been a fantastic opportunity to educate people about midwifery since most of the Lower Mainland is convinced it is nothing more than witchcraft and drum circles and practises exclusive home water births), La Leche League (in fact, there was no overt pro-breastfeeding booths and not even a breastpump rep), Dimpleskins (which as far as I am concerned is THE baby toiletries company in the Lower Mainland (and yes, I am biased because the proprietor is my midwife’s receptionist’s daughter), or even a rep for ICBC’s Child Car Seat program. Hello people. Captive audience who paid TEN smackers to get in here. DUH.

I was also surprised at how few clothing booths there were – a fact that Mia and I took note of. For years Mia and I have participated in PET craft fairs… what the hell are we doing? Babies and the Baby Industry are a license to print money. Mia has an embroidery machine – WHY, I ask you, are we not at that fair, making customized ONESIES or fleece blankies, or WHATEVER? Seriously. I have to rethink this pet thing, man.

Anyway, so the Baby Expo was a good excuse to take my lovely happy baby out in his Happy Sac and spend some time with a girlfriend, but if that was my education about babies that is kinda sparse, lopsided, and sad.

13 years ago

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  1. I’ve sold Usborne for a couple years now, so if you ever want to chat more about it, let me know! 🙂 Also, that sounds like a crappy, but typical, baby show. I think you need to take those business ideas and RUN with them, baby!

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