My First Cold

Do you guys remember a doll named “My Buddy” that was marketed for little boys? I have had the stupid commercial theme song stuck in my head for weeks now so I went on a You Tube search and lo and behold:

There was also a spin off of My Buddy called Kid Sister – I am sure you can use your imagination as to how that theme song went. I find dolls really really creepy and I am not sure how I am going to handle it when and if Kale wants /receives one. For some reason small figurines are okay but child-like dolls creep me out.

Anyway, this is totally unrelated to today’s post but I had to go find that stupid commercial so I could excise it from my head.

Kale has a cold.


He’s been sneezing for a day or two and last night started getting snuffly and boogery. He started to cough and everything has steadily gone downhill from there. He’s still my smiley happy boy only now he has moments of abject sadness where he makes this shrill high pitched screech he’s never made before because obviously, the coughing/sneezing/boogery is making him uncomfortable. He woke up this morning sweaty and disgruntled, but I checked and he doesn’t have a fever.

So despite the human shield of breastfeeding, Kale has his first cold. Everywhere I look says that if your baby is under 3 months to call the doctor right away. Kale is 11 weeks old today and I’m not so sure we should be rushing off to the doctor (by the time I can get in he will be 12 weeks) so I am going to stick it out for a day or two before doing that. He doesn’t have a fever, he still is nursing as well as normal, and he is still smiling and being himself most of the time. Hopefully because of breastfeeding, his cold is mild and this only lasts a day or two.

13 years ago

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  1. Ash was seven weeks old when he got his first cold. Breastfeeding! Pft!

    Get the nose frida sooner than later! SO much better than the stupid bulb thing!

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