The Sock Monkey Factory

Long ago, I discovered a tutorial online that described how to make sock monkeys. I thought it was hilarious, so I made a few:

From Sock Animals

That grey one is the first one I made and as I recall, I actually gave it to my brother for Christmas. I was so enamoured of making these monkeys that I began churning them out and donating them to charity raffles and silent auctions. I started taking custom orders, and thought it would be hilariously funny to have a sock monkey inspired email address and so I created one.

Custom orders sputtered off, I never bothered pushing it in any of the online communities I participate in, and like most things in my life, I got totally bored with them and so the sock monkey factory took a bit of a hiatus.

A few months ago, I started getting the urge to make another monkey, but because it was Stupid Hotâ„¢ and deep in the middle of summer, I simply filed it away that maybe when the weather changed, I should start making some more monkeys.

A week or so ago, someone posted on one of the online forums I participate in, asking “who was it that made the sock animals?” and with that, I have reopened the Sock Monkey Factory. I have three custom orders on the go right now.

Here are some of the sock critters I have made in the past:

13 years ago

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