Rainy Days

The woman two units over has 4-8 cats. I am not sure of the exact number because a few of them look the same and it seems that some never venture outside. They drive me crazy. Right now one of them is doing that dead cat yowling thing outside Kale’s window and he’s trying to nap. The last time I tried to shoo one of these blasted cats away, it tried to bite me. The cats like to puke on the walkways and crap in our garden and their owner is convinced all the cat poop is from some other mystery cat that magically appears and I think she is fooling herself. Having a litter box doesn’t mean your cat that goes outdoors will poop in the litter box and is not an accurate indication of their “output”. Even though I consider myself an animal lover, these cats are a-holes and I wish I could relocate them to somewhere else – I am not sure where, just “somewhere else”. Or maybe even if their owner would simply stick to the strata bylaws and only have two I could handle it. I think that maybe the sheer numbers are what bugs me the most – like the cats are an organized crime unit, a la Ocean’s Twelve, and they are trying to infiltrate via annoyance.

Today its raining and Kale and I were planning to walk up to the drug store to drop off my prescription but now I am not so sure. I have two custom sock critter orders to look for socks for and I was also going to do that but again, the rain is really making me rethink that plan. It’s actually not so much the rain, per se, its the accessories that you need when it rains that makes me pause. You know, the umbrella, the jacket, the hat, the shoes without holes in them and gasp! socks. Carrying Kale in the Beco and then carrying an umbrella is totally doable so long as I am not also trying to steer the dog but when you add in the accessories it makes it more complex.

I think Mooki has some sort of umbrella radar and KNOWS when my hands are full and will purposely push my buttons when we are walking. The other day I was trying to wrangle Mooki through the gate and had Kale in his carrier. So there is me with the leash in one hand and a bag of poop as well, which, as you can imagine, makes such a lovely thing to have in your hand. In the other hand are my keys (which were just used to open said gate) and a big honking umbrella which although I love its size and sturdiness, it is a total pain in the arse when it comes to entering the gate. So I had to take down the umbrella to fit through the gate, so there I am getting rained on and Mooki decides to put on the brakes. So I decided she needed me to give her a tap on the butt to get going. So she did. And stopped short about two steps in the gate. Seriously, dog, if you were not so cute you’d be a dog sandwich on rye somewhere.

Anyway, so today is a rainy day and a rainy day is good for baking and writing lists of things to do when the weather is a bit nicer and sitting on the couch staring out the window forlornly. Or perhaps snuggling in bed:

From Kale

You know, every time I see pictures of Kale I see nothing but red hair growing in but then in real life, its just brown like mine. Is this my eyes or my camera and which one is right?

Anyway, today Kale and I are going to walk to 12th Street and get our fire extinguisher recertified (how exciting! WOO!) and we are going to stop in at my favorite thrift shop and see if she has any fun things for us.

13 years ago