Noisy Little Beast Turns Three Months

Kale has discovered both his voice and his tongue this week and so we get a lot of gurgled noises interspersed with lots of grunting and moaning and this sort of conversational turn-taking like you really are talking about something good. The noises he makes absolutely crack me up and even when he is making noises of frustration as he learns what his fingers are capable of doing I have a hard time not laughing directly in his face I am simply that much of a MEAN MOMMY.

Ross and I went to A Baby’s World this weekend and I was searching for three particular toys that I wanted to spend some of our gift certificates on and of course, they didn’t have any. Seriously, I am getting kinda annoyed with A Baby’s World because every single time I want to spend my gift certificates there, they don’t have what I want and I only find this out when I go there because their online presence SUX DONKEY BUTT, as in, they don’t have a website worth a can of beans.

Anyway, what they do have and what they are good at having is Robeez and tonnes of overpriced infant’s clothing. Mostly girls’ clothing but some cute boys’ stuff. Anyway. So they have lots of Robeez and I have to say I am a fan of the Robeez simply because they are freakin’ cute and because they were invented by a local mom (who has since sold the company for a gabillion (ZOMFG!) but remains on as a consultant) and because they are perfect for little babies who are not yet walking but need a little assistance in the “keeping socks on” department.

One of the patterns I spied at the store was this one. Go look at that link. I’ll wait.

Dude. I TOTALLY want to buy those! Those are beyond awesome in sort of a completely over the top sort of way. We so do not need another pair of Robeez because Kale was given a pair of Shark Robeez as a gift from a very good friend of mine when he was in utero and as a bonus, a pair of shark themed socks also came in the package and I gotta tell you guys that the socks are totally kickass in the stay-on-the-feets department. But seriously, if I was like, a celebrity mom, with a huge fat Visa, I would so buy those Monster ones because man! Hella freakin adorable. And you know what sucks? The fact that they also make little Tredz in the same matching pattern of monsters. I can ALMOST justify buying those now and stashing them for when he’s walking. Almost. Not quite, but almost.

Kale’s normal outfit these days as the weather is getting more and more blustery (see also: best part of the year, thankyouverymuch) is a long sleeved onesie with some pants and socks. I’ve made a point of actually changing Kale into “daywear” when we get out of bed every day, if only to encourage the habit of getting dressed so that maybe it isn’t a fight when he’s more independant and capable and wants to argue about the fact that he wants to stay in his feetie jammies all freakin day. One of my beefs with all of Kale’s clothes is that they hardly fit Mr. LongandLean with cloth diapers on and so we did a huge clothing purge a few days ago and now have an enormous Rubbermaid tote full of clothing that no longer fits. Kale is a “big boy” now and has officially graduated to size 3-6 months.

Speaking of, Kale is three months old “officially” tomorrow and this past three months have screamed by with a ferocious speed I honestly didn’t think was possible. Its like some sort of time warp worm hole thingie. Last night Ross and I watched a video I took of him holding Kale like, I dunno, day four or something, and Kale was wearing this outfit:

From Kale

…which is actually my very favorite outfit so far and in the video, Kale was positively SWIMMING in that sleeper. That very sleeper is now in the “clothing that no longer fits” box because the last time I put it on him it was stretched to the very farthest constraints of the fabric and so, seriously – Time, could you go faster? I think not.

He is so much his own little person already I am flabbergasted. He has so much personality and so much individual character I am stunned.  I love being a mom, more than I thought I could and even the Very Bad Times are still pretty darn good and way better than any day at the office ever could have been. Although, I would be okay with it if the Poop-Splosions were a bit less frequent and today, when he turned into the ultra ogre and nothing I could do would make the quivery fat lower lip go away? Well, that wasn’t so cool either. But that’s okay.

Kale still resists the stroller, and still argues inconsolably with us about being in the car seat (which is super awesome when you are by yourself and navigating the highway at 100 km / hr) although if you are in the car in constant motion at at least 50 km / hr (hey it’s like that Keanu Reeves movie, Speed!) then he will eventually die down to minor irritated grousing and eventually conk out. He also still resists sleep a lot but he also has longer more definitive naps and sleeps well at night. (Thank freakin’ God)

The robo-regurgitation of the newborn days are (knock wood) seemingly over, although the drooling and the spitting up with New! and Improved! Pukey Odour!, well, they seem to have taken over. He loves bathtime now, and has discovered that kicking in the water is good times. He does this thing with his right foot where it waves around out of the water like a little flag and if you pour water on his foot he will move his foot to be in the stream of water. 

Kale has made other discoveries. He discovered his hands this past few weeks and frequently I find him staring at them in that cool stoner way that babies do and you can see the wheels and cogs turning as he experiments with moving his fingers. He also figured out this past week that one of his best buddies of all time is his thumb. He sucks his left thumb, but his right hand creeps up in there and fiddles with his nose or lips, and as a result, he gets kind of irate once in a while when the suction on his thumb isn’t as good as he is liking it to be. Also, as a result, he has a few scratches all over his face because I am too chicken to trim his nails because I nipped his finger once (oh! The pitious wailing!) and so Ross has to do it. I’m not sure if I care about the thumbsucking. He still uses the dreaded suckie, but only when he’s trying to go to sleep or when he’s kinda spun out. Now, when he’s bored, the thumb does just fine as entertainment. I often weigh the non-dependance on the suckie against the dependance on the thumb and I can’t decide which is the lesser evil. So for now, I don’t worry about it.

Kale loves other children – anything small and high pitched is pretty good in his books and he happily grins at almost everyone who pays attention to him, especially if he is safe within the confines of the carrier. This week he also discovered Mooki when she sat beside him while he was in his bouncy chair while I ate a cheese sandwich and Mooki was mooching.  It was like he all of a sudden realized that a) she’s not a furrier human and b) holy crap! She moves!

Its like someone turned a switch and suddenly the learning and processing is visible. I keep trying to immortalize certain expressions and certain things he does so that I never forget them but already I forget some of the early days and all their roller coaster of emotions they had. And its only three months. Jesus – what’s it going to be like when he’s a teenager?

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  1. We have a great son. I am often jealous of your position in his life and strive to involve myself in his world as much as possible. I love you both.


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