Kale Discovers The Bouncy Chair Bounces

I should have been busy today when Kale was napping making a sock critter I have been asked to make, but instead I put together this movie for you. Kale discovered yesterday that the Bouncy Chair, previously thought to be only a place to sit in, can actually be MOVED by his actions, and that the toys that dangle? He can MOVE THOSE TOO! He sat in that thing for 45 minutes going nuts. I promise the movie isn’t that long – its about 3 minutes and from various angles and features a soundtrack and everything! (Dude, I am so sad.) Kale then promptly had a great big melt down and needed a serious nap. Anyway, if it gets boring, skip to about 1:56 where there is bonus baby spit up footage. Because when in doubt, watching a baby spit up is just fabulous.

13 years ago


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