Turkey Lurkey

This past weekend Ross and I took Kale for his first ferry ride over to the Island to visit his great grandmas and then drove up island to spend (Canadian) Thanksgiving dinner with the rest of the family. And by family, I mean holy hannah we really had a full house. There was both sets of grandparents, both uncles and their respective families plus us. In total, there were 12 people for Thanksgiving dinner.  It was a really good time. I should warn you now that this entry is picture heavy. (Hi Terra on dialup).

It was a ridiculously long day, starting at 4:30AM, which isn’t exactly a foreign time to us (see: newborn), we normally get to go back to sleep but instead we were up and at ’em and on the 7AM ferry out of Tsawwassen. Nothing like watching the sunrise while eating fake scrambled eggs with 600 of your closest friends. We started in Victoria and had 6 separate stops up the Island, finally arriving at Ross’ folks’ place shortly before dinner. Kale was a champ – he was more laid back about where he was and what he was doing than I. I’m incredibly uncomfortable in crowds and also when I am out of my element (check and check!), and I was stressed out that Kale would have a grand hissy fit in the car seat during any of the driving parts of our day. There were some moments when he was obviously overtired and overstimulated but otherwise, he pulled through just fine.

Kale and I with his Great-Grandma Foster (like morons, we forgot to pull out the camera when we were at the other Great-Grandma’s house – duh):

From Kale

We were back on the ferry bound for home the following afternoon, but not before we stopped in (too) briefly to see our friends Kevin and Karina, and their lovely daughter Jenna and their new son, Caden, born a week after Kale.

From Kale

Karina is becoming quite the knitter and presented me with a pair of AWESOME (and by awesome, I mean Awe. Pause. Some.) sweaterpants and I coveted a hat she had made for Caden so much that she gave it to Kale as well. Kale was spoiled this weekend – his Auntie Loralie and Uncle Jim met him for the first time this weekend, and Loralie is a sucker for a rack full of children’s clothing on clearance and she brought Kale a whole bag of goodies she had collected this past three months. Most things are for the next size up, which is great, but this onesie fits well now and happens to match his new sweaterpants!  

From Kale

The Garden Gnome hat that cracks me up and sends me into hysterics:

From Kale

Some random other photos:


From Kale

“Hello, I am loving my thumb these days.”

From Kale

“What up, dawg!?”

From Kale

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, too. I have so much to be thankful for this year. I am feeling good and excited these days because I have a few projects to announce that are in the works (Coming soon! Stay tuned!). It’s also AUTUMN, baby, and I love how the air is so crisp and yesterday? I caught a whiff of fireplace in the air and I was like “SA-weet.”

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  1. Love the Gnome hat! Can you find out where she got the pattern from (although, it looks pretty simple so I could probably figure it out myself).

    He is such a cutie!

  2. Hey melanie
    I didn’t follow a pattern– I just had some leftover greenish wool from another project.
    For ‘Newborn’ size
    I cast on 60 stches, (in the round) on size 8- 16inch circulars), and knit for a couple rounds. I then did a round of purls. This gives the hat a rolled edge for the brim. I then went back to knitting for a few inches– maybe 4? Then put markers ever 20 stchs, so that the 60 total were divided into 3 equal parts.
    I then started reducing at that 20th stich mark at each 2nd round.
    Eventually I switched to dpns and kept reducing… when I got down to 3 stch I did an I-cord for a few inches.
    Took me one evening in front of a movie.

    The pants are my current favourite pattern– Called Picky Pants, from little turtle knits :

    Really easy to follow with good instructions and illustrations and lots of different options.

    Kale’s little demon hat is

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