His Own Worst Enemy and An Introduction

Kale’s worst enemy right now is his own hands. Whether he is nursing, sleeping, or just hanging out, his hands have to creep up in there and mess stuff up. He scratched himself good yesterday while we were out on a walk, and he’s started doing this thing lately when he is nursing where his hands need to be involved and he pulls my breast out of his own mouth and then gets irate. I have to hold down his hands now when nursing, which sometimes spells “OH MY GOD YOU ARE SO MEAN!” and other times he doesn’t care. We also have to tuck in his hand when its sleeping time – or else it creeps up into his face and pokes about in his mouth or eyes and then the sleeping? Well, that gets postponed, and anyone with an infant knows they just can’t postpone sleep when they are tired without a ground zero meltdown.

His hands are constantly moving, and constantly cold from being chewed and sucked on pretty much ALL. THE. TIME. They have a mind of their own. And are sort of flexing and shimmying always. It is almost impossible to get them to be still to trim his little nails, and it takes both Ross and I to do it in two separate shifts. He detests being swaddled – I guess when it was so hot in the summer I stopped swaddling him and now that he’s grown he absolutely hates it. Ah well, this will pass as he continues to grow and develop. Right now though? Ugh, annoying.

Anyway, we introduced Kale to his latest best friend this past weekend, a best friend that both Ross and I apparently shared when we were his age – the Jolly Jumper. Kale seems to be like a grade 8 girl with a new best friend every week. First, it was the wood toys on his bouncy chair, then it was his sucky, then his thumb (which appears to be the longest friendship he has had), and now, the Jolly Jumper. His new best friend is here on loan from my friend Sandy, who is storing it for a friend, and what better use of a Jolly Jumper than to entertain a 3 month old? Huzzah.

I realize that Kale isn’t exactly…. mobile, so YES, I know that a 3 month old is BORING as all get out to everyone except his parents and family. Which, along with some friends (both internet and in the flesh alike) is who this blog is aimed at. Kale not moving much yet is desperately boring, trust me, I KNOW. I watch him all day and I agree, there is only so much he can do and 8 hours of suck chew cry feed grin poop is pretty damn boring.

So, here’s another movie with a soundtrack, and I want to say – Gillian and Clive – the entire time I was taking movies of Kale all I could think of was Kanye West and the soundtrack you guys used for your Ash vs the Jolly Jumper movie. Hella funny, man, hella funny. Any hoo, here is our version. Those of you only here for my dog, well, Mooki makes her video debut and ZOMG – she is actually moving and alert and everything! Consider yourself blessed.

13 years ago


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