Teething… Fun Times. Seriously.

So, Kale is teething. Or, at least I think he is. According to my mom and Ross’ mom, both of us had our teeth fairly early. My mom tells me my teeth were HUGE and as a result, I was pretty miserable about it. Apparently I used to take a nipple from my bottle, shove my finger in it, and chew.

My son, however, much prefers to whine and snivel and chew on my fingers rather than his own. He goes through moments of total happiness that are matched equally by moments of sheer misery. Oh, woe is the life of Kale, for he is so hard done by. I can see little white spots (not the teeth yet) on his lower gums, and so I suspect the teeth, they are coming.

But in those shining moments of happy happy joy joy, we have hit a milestone! Kale today, during tummy time, elected to flip himself over onto his back. He’s also been way easier to put to sleep lately – provided I catch him when he’s tired and not tired-and-totally-miserable. It takes mere minutes now rather than the 20-30 minutes of shushing, patting, etc that we did have to go through when he was a newborn.

Of course, all bets are off if he is over tired or over stimulated, because that’s still a bit like herding cats.

I don’t want the previous post to go unnoticed as its way more interesting that this one, so make sure you watch our latest movie.

13 years ago