Apple Festival

One event that I really enjoyed a few years ago was the UBC Botanical Garden Apple Festival. Its fun going to plant related things with Ross because if you want to know what any given plant is, you just ask Mr. Encyclopedia and you can find out. Plus, its generally a wonderful brisk autumn day, you can stuff yourself with apples, and get out and get some exercise to boot. Plus its only $2 to get in.

Ross and I had been talking about the Apple Festival and this year invited Ross’ brother Erik, his girlfriend Andrea, and her son Liam if they wanted to join us. Erik wasn’t able to make it but Andrea and Liam were able to and so us five went this past Saturday and had an excellent time. We got there shortly after noon and the apple tasting was already sold out for the day but there was still lots to do including caramel apples, candy apples, crepes from the awesome French Crepe Trailer people that seem to be at every event lately, and hang out in the kids’ section. Kudos to the Botanical Garden for implementing a kid safe program where parents and kids are numbered with the same number so that if a kid turns up sans parent, or with another number, or with a numberless person, they can be dealt with appropriately.

Anyway, Kale was an awesome boy and we ended our afternoon with a brief nursing session (aka: holy crap its cold!) to top up Kale’s tank before stuffing ourselves back in to the car full of apples (or breastmilk, depending upon who you were) and headed home.

From Kale
13 years ago


  1. The hat fell off at the apple festival and the fellow who picked it up for us said ‘Hey nice hat’ to which I replied ‘Thanks, his aunty Karina made it for him.’ He looked impressed and mentioned that we were lucky; they were selling similar woolen hats in the kids section and they were really expensive.

    ps-Thanks aunty Karina for the awsome hat!

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