Misery: He Has It

Kale is on a poop strike.

I’m not worried because he’s mostly his normal self (I’ll get to that “mostly” bit in a minute), is not running any sort of a fever, his tummy is fine and soft, and he isn’t vomiting. Unfortunately, when you know what’s “going in” you have an idea what should be “coming out” and right now he is not falling in line with that idea and no matter how much you know you shouldn’t be worried, you still sit there waiting for the poop. Who knew my life would be like this? I also think about how incredibly fantastic of a display the poop fireworks will be when they eventually come. I’m actually kinda scared. I joked with Ross this morning that we are on “Poop Watch”. 

I think CNN should do a special on Poop Watch 2008 and discuss all the previous poops, and maybe bring in an analyst to discuss the poops and all the possible reasons why the poops are not here, and maybe do some man on the street interviews, (oops, sorry, “person” on the street interviews), and then we could include some computer generated graphics about the poop, maybe a schematic or something of how the poop should be structured, and why the government should get involved to regulate the poop. And of course, Nancy Grace could put it out there that maybe the lack of poops is a CONSPIRACY and that perhaps it has something to do with aliens or something.

Anyway, so we are on Day 4 of Poop Watch, and I know you are all on the edge of your seat so be assured that I will definitely fill you all in when Kale fills his pants. Because that will be thrilling, let me tell you. I know he’ll be relieved.

But back to that “mostly” normal bit I mentioned earlier. Kale’s been displaying some behaviour while breastfeeding that is truly aggravating. I’m pretty sure he’s feeling a bit of gum pain these days (see also: chews anything near his mouth and drools constantly), and he’s been popping on and off the breast while nursing, at least until I let down. I think its sort of like “Oh my God I am hungry, no wait, that hurts”. I also think he’s hit a bit of a growth spurt (which may account for the Poop Strike) and he gets overly frustrated and upset about the fact that the milk is not immediately delivered. Couple that with the fact that we’ve again had to tweak the breastfeeding routine due to a crappy supply on one side and no longer feed him with bottles every second feeding (I’m exclusively feeding on one side now) so I think the added work I am requesting of him and his mouth is making him miserable. He’s also needing more naps (today he’s already had two and its only 1:30pm) and I’d otherwise be concerned with the extra sleeping except when he’s up and not hungry? He is his normal, happy, hilarious self who is in love with the Jolly Jumper and his Spitty Cloth and going for walks and watching me do stuff like bake cookies.

Every time I feel like I have a good handle on things, it all freakin’ changes and I have to relearn it all over again. Damn, that is frustrating. It’s like herding cats. I’m trying to keep my wits about me and not get worried and not get upset when we go through this re-learning because I know that its going to happen OVER and OVER and OVER until he is like, 18 or something, but it sure is frustrating while you are going through it. I’ve found myself being at the end of my rope a few times this past week, but then you dig in and climb back up to the top and you get stuff like this:

From Kale

My heartstrings? He has them. Maybe we just need more time in front of a warm fire, staring into the flames and soothing the soul:

From Kale
13 years ago


  1. So the poop analysts…would they be the poop pundits?? Sorry couldn’t resist the alliteration! Hot damn he’s gettin cuter and cuter!

  2. Ah, the old once-every-seven-days or seven-times-in-one-day thing. Don’t worry yourself over it.

    Also don’t worry about lots of sleeping! Babies ONLY grow when they sleep. Ash would sleep every 1.5 hours for 45 minutes (from 5am-7pm) every day from 2-7 months. That’s a lot of naps.

    When he stops sleeping as much, you’ll kick yourself for being worried about “too many naps”!!

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