Redecoration and Crafty Business

I’m a fan of “re-purposing” things.

Before I actually had Kale, we had decorated his room using a variety of things acquired from both used sources and new. One of the “used” things I bought was a Lillberg rocking chair from Ikea. I like its design, but in practise this chair is kind of useless as the seat part is sooooo long that my little short legs stick straight out and can’t bend at the knee if I sit all the way back in the chair, and as a result, I can’t make the chair rock. Its footprint is also ridiculous, and it takes up more room than it really should in a little boy’s room. So I sold it on Craigslist this weekend, and went and picked up a new to us chair that is a small 24X22 recliner that converts to an ottoman. It is covered in mocha coloured microsuede and is in near perfect shape.

Also, earlier this summer, Ross and I rescued a ficus tree that someone had abruptly abandoned in front of our place and after bringing it inside, it promptly dropped all its leaves. We nurtured it all summer long outside on the patio and now it sports fresh green happy growth. We have to make sure it survives the winter, so we brought it inside again, only this time we’ve added it to Kale’s room for some colour. I firmly believe that all rooms should have at least one plant, and so now the only room without a plant in our house is the bathroom.

I also was digging around in my closet for something else, and came across a rag rug I had previously had in the kitchen, in shades of green, rust, and brown, and so I have added that to Kale’s little space as well. I’m really happy with the results of these little changes and I am now thinking about the curtains I need to sew for his room! It never ends.

Speaking of sewing, my friend Melanie sent me some PUL to experiment with, and I think I have come up with a few ideas and need to get my sewing machine out of Kale’s closet. I have three projects on the go right now that require my sewing machine, and every time I find myself with a few minutes to do some sewing, Kale is asleep in his bassinet in his room and I sit and get anxious to get the machine out. Oh how I long for a room all my own to keep my crafting and sewing goodies out on tables and ready to use at the drop of a hat!

Anyway, I have a million other things I can do (like laundry! Yay!) so I had better go take care of that. I’ll leave you with this picture of Mooki doing whatever it takes to sleep in the sun.

From Mooki
13 years ago