Two Things

Two things that I feel the need to comment and talk about today.

One of the items that I simply could not live without before Kale was born was my alarm clock. It didn’t take much to wake me up, but I needed it in order to make it to work or any important function. I set my alarm for the first time in three months on Thanksgiving weekend when we had a ferry to catch and noticed a thin layer of dust on my clock:

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I think its time to put it away. The real estate on my night stand could better be utilized for say, suckies and spit rags, and burp cloths.

Secondly, one of the not-so-great aspects of new mom-hood is the shedding. During my pregnancy, I didn’t lose a single hair off my head, and as a result amassed a great big thick head of hair. I totally get now why most moms have short hair – 1) their hair starts falling out after pregnancy and 2) its way freakin’ easier to have short hair when you have a Grabby McGrabberson for a baby.

About two weeks ago, my hair started falling out, in huge crazy handfuls – the kind that clogs drains and needs to be swept daily. My hair feels thin for the first time in my life and I actually had to buy some products designed for “weak, fragile” hair. Woe, my hair is weak and fragile. I even have a receding hairline, with some sweet spikey new growth coming in:

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Also, sidenote (I guess this is actually item number three on my comment list but whatever), note the greasy looking forehead. I have what is politely referred to as “winter skin and scalp” which is a nice way of saying I am flakey like a bag of coconut at the moment. I can’t stand the smell of tar shampoo so I elect to use tea tree shampoo and this crazy heavy duty hemp face cream so right now? I’m smelling like a big ol’ hippie. (No offense hippie blog readin’ crew). Kale also has a wee patch of eczema on his eyebrow that he’s had since about day 3, and so now when Mommy moisturizes with her winter regime of crazy hemp face cream, Kale gets a little dab for his flaky patches so the two of us are smelling, well, hempy.  I actually love love love the smell of the face cream but not everyone does because we smell a bit like dirt.

Ah, winter. I hate you. Come back, autumn.

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  1. since i had Georgia i’ve been losing hair by the handful on a daily basis – it’s really quite gross. on the upside, my skin looks a lot fresher and i hardly bother with make-up any more (which is great because i hardly have time to bother with make-up any more!)

  2. LOL on the dusty alarm clock and the Grabby McGrabberson. Totally been there, done that.

    Clocks, schmocks. Who needs ’em when you have a little baby. It just reminds you of how much sleep you *aren’t* getting.

  3. People ask “how is he sleeping?” or “how often is he up at nite?” and I honestly can’t say time wise. I mean, I know if we had a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ sleep last nite, but the clock? Can’t see it from my side of the bed. So I know if we were up ‘alot’ or a little, but couldn’t tell ya if it was 4, 5, 6 am, or WHAT time it was. Other than, It was Dark. Or, it was starting to get a little Light.
    Frankly, doesn’t really matter about the time– it’s all Baby Time for the next while.

  4. Yeah that’s totally true. People are really curious about sleeping. Obviously, its a big issue for a lot of parents. Everyone wants to know if he is “sleeping through the night yet”. I often go “Uh, he’s 3 months. And breastfed. So being up twice is GOOD.”

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