Stuff I Do When He’s Not Awake

Today Kale and I are having one of those days where basically he sleeps and I sit around waiting for him to wake up so that I can feed him and we can PLAY PLAY PLAY and then he starts yawning and rubbing his face and I am like “Really? Already? Are you serious? Okay then!”. Gillian told me that kids only grow when they sleep and so all I have to say is that Kale is going to be, like, 5 inches taller tomorrow because holy sleepyhead, Batman.

I almost managed to get my sewing machine out of the closet today, but then I got sidetracked and the Internet was calling. I did some laundry, and typed some recipes out for Mom (I’ve offered to take all her little scraps of paper and put them on cute little 3.5 X 5 recipe cards, thereby letting the OCD in me feel better knowing the paper? It’s ALIGNED. Phew!), and I have to admit I spent about 30 minutes trying to find the darn latch on the umbrella stroller I bought off Craigslist so that I could fold the thing down and tidy up. I have become the MASTER of tidy-up – its the first thing I do when Kale is napping because I can’t stand clutter and a messy house (why on earth did I have a child, then? I don’t know!) – and so I did some speed tidying today. I’m going to sweep and mop this afternoon as well. Aren’t I the party animal?

The days of me believing that a Swiffer Wet was sufficient to clean the floors are OVER. I don’t know what changed – suddenly I started actually seeing the residue that the Swiffer Wet left behind (we are talking about the ghetto Swiffer Wet – not the fancy one that sprays, we are talking about the regular Swiffer that you put a pre-moistened towelette onto and end up using like, 5 of the things to get your floors clean) and it started to bug me. And I also realized that the broom I use in the house is about 15 years old, so I got all fancy pants last week and I bought a NEW MOP and a NEW BROOM and I am so so so so sad that the purchase of those two household items absolutely THRILLS me. Seriously. I can’t wait to use them for the first time.

I also did some online comparison shopping – I am not happy with the el-cheapo used umbrella stroller I bought off Craigslist (Imagine that!) so I was doing research into yet another new stroller. Here are all the things I want a stroller to be:

  • small and portable
  • able to be steered with one hand
  • fold-down-able
  • have a basket
  • have wheels that are pretty decent and can turn well
  • have a safety harness
  • have a rain/sun cover

And of course, I don’t want to spend more than $125 on it. Because I am cheap!

I figured the Combi one I bought did all that and on paper it did. But alas, I boguht it, brought it home, spent three hours cleaning and scrubbing it, and popped Kale into it, and discovered it sucks donkey butt when you try and steer it with one hand. So for now, I am using my Peg Perego big huge space sucking one.

Sorry, I got sidetracked there – this is not yet another post ranting about my stupid stroller that I hate.

I also made a dentist appointment, and I think I am the only person in the world who actually LIKES going to the dentist. I wasn’t able to go the entire time I was pregnant (not because my midwife said no, but because my dentist didn’t want me there) and it’s just one of those things that gets forgotten about in the hustle and bustle of my normal day, so I actually wrote a post-it note and stuck it to the computer so that I sat down and made an appointment before checking all my favorite blogs and forums.

Oh! Finally, the boy wakes! YAY! Who knew I’d be sitting around waiting for him to wake up. I need to get some more hobbies.

Also? Shhhh….. we have been two-sided breastfeeding for a WHOLE WEEK!

13 years ago