Today is Halloween and although we have no plans to go anywhere, I still decided to put on my glow in the dark spooky owl-on-a-fence undies I have been DYING to wear:

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 (And yes, Mom, I really did just post a picture of my underwear on the Internet. Aren’t you proud of me?)

Ross and I have gone to parties in the past, and we are actually known for our awesome duo costumes.

A friend routinely has a huge party on the Saturday before Halloween and goes all out and covers his walls in black plastic, has more decorations that I can count, and last time I went, had a BAND playing in his living room. Man, I would hate to be his neighbour.  I wish wish wish I had photos from the last year I went – I was a dead prom queen and man, it was GOOD.

We’ve been asked a few times if we were going to dress up Kale, and this year we have decided not to because we aren’t going anywhere. Two years ago, we went through the process of carving pumpkins and buying candy and waiting excitedly at home for children to come to our door on Halloween night (I think it was a Wednesday). We live in a townhouse complex, and we also happen to live at the very back, and I guess no one thought to come back here because not one single child knocked on our door. Disappointed with that, last year we elected to go to my friend’s house, and her and her hubby happen to live in a totally awesome fun neighbourhood that encourages the families to get involved in the spirit of Halloween and even closes off a road in the neighbourhood so the local firemen can blast off a bunch of fireworks that they buy using money they got from donated pop cans all year long. It was SO AWESOME and there was at least 100 kids. THAT is the type of Halloween I remember! None of this “let’s go to the mall and stand around” junk, it was “knock on your neighbour’s door and take a pillowcase!” type of stuff. I also remember a neighbour, who my brother identified as the Stewart’s, who used to have kids over to bob for apples both on strings and also in big buckets.

Here are some costumes I have had a hand in over the years:

Ross-a and Jen, the twins (Ross is going to kill me):

From Awesome Costumes From My Past

Radioactive Man and Fallout Boy:

From Awesome Costumes From My Past

Lindsay, as cactus (I helped come up with the idea for this one, but Lindsay made it):

From Awesome Costumes From My Past

Ross, as a mummy:

From Awesome Costumes From My Past

And me, as an 80’s rock skank, who also happens to be walking her dog (funny, those boots are cool again, WTF?):

From Awesome Costumes From My Past

Happy Halloween!

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