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I’ve been so excited the last few days about all sorts of stuff, that I have hardly had time to sit down and write an entry.

First – yay that Obama has been elected. I’m not American, and while I can’t share the excitement of having voted for him, I CAN share the excitement that I think most of the world thinks right now – finally, here’s a guy that might make the US of A LIKABLE. Its funny that my fuddy-duddy stiff Canadian Prime Minister now seems like the lame one when you compare the two.

Second – Kale has now figured out the whole flipping over from his back to his tummy. Of course, once he gets there with his arms awkwardly underneath him, he gets rather irate and I have to rescue him from the WOE and MISERY that is his life. And he has not yet figured out how to put 2 (the flipping from front to back) and 2 (the flipping from back to front) together to equal 4 (a full roll). Either way, my life as I know it is freakin’ OVER.

Third, I was given a swing by a friend of mine (hi Terra!) and while we haven’t even put batteries in the thing, Kale likes it. Ross and I wondered if he would, since he seems to enjoy his bouncy chair based on what HE can do to make IT do something, and his Jolly Jumper, again, based on what HE does to affect movement. The swing is more of a sit and relax sort of ride, kinda like the ferris wheel, where you just take it all in and chill. Here is a movie of him in the swing for the first time ever – its really short.

Today Kale and I joined our friends Shauna (the mom) and Bonnie (the baby) and went for a walk to the health unit to weigh the kids. Why we elected to do that in the pouring piss I have no idea. But, for those of you following the boy’s weight progress, he is 14.1 pounds. Actually, he was 14.4 pounds, but they ask that you leave on the diaper and I also left on a shirt, so they tell you to take off 3 oz for a cloth diaper and a shirt. So 14.1 pounds he is. That means since September 29, Kale has gained 1.1 pounds, or (if my math is correct) about a 3.3 ounces a week in the last five weeks. Is that right? If that’s right, that’s dead on average for weight gain.

Finally, some Kale pictures because I know that’s all you really want. I was trying to get some pictures of Kale in his awesome diapers to send to the ladies at Cloth Diapers Eh for their brag page, but he’s so squirmy these days that I took seven photos trying to get a clear shot of him NOT squirming and then gave up. Here is a mosaic I made using the new version of Picasa (sweet!) with the best shot in the middle:

I decided to make bread from scratch the other day because I happened to read the actual ingredients list of the bread Ross brought home from the grocery and OMG – gross. So I made my own. Kale helped from the carrier. I am being told that he looks less like me these days as his face changes.

From Kale 3 to 6 months

Finally, here is a shot of him wearing one of his many, many cute outfits that was a gift. It says “what happens in my crib, stays in my crib” and its a rare photo of him SMILING:

From Kale 3 to 6 months
13 years ago

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  1. The squeal at the beginning of that clip had Ash running from the living room to the computer room within seconds to see what the heck I was doing. Cute. 😀

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