Making Holiday Plans

It is November 10th and I am SO EXCITED for Christmas this year. Not because I care about presents or anything, but because this is Kale’s first Christmas and Ross and I have elected to stay home as a family for the first time and really enjoy each other’s company. I have a huge 6 foot tree. Yes, its fake, and yes, its made out of plastic but the fake tree versus real tree argument is long and this fake plastic one was given to us used for free and would have gone in the landfill had we not taken it and I intend to use it for a number of years, so to me, that’s the eco-choice. Anyway, so I can’t wait to decorate this tree and make it all festive in here. I’m excited to see what Kale thinks of all the glitter.

Last year Ross and I challenged one another to try and give gifts that met two criteria: 1) handcrafted by someone, and 2) under $50. It was really hard, but we managed to find gifts for one another that we both really loved. This year, we are continuing that tradition but have changed a few of the conditions and are allowing a bit more dollars (it was really hard to stick to $50).

It’s hard not to shop like a fiend for Kale – but he’ll never actually remember it so its more about the experience of Christmas rather than the gifts.

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As some of you know, Ross and I participated in a documentary during my pregnancy, and filming has wrapped on that. The producers have recently emailed asking for some family shots so I’ve been having fun taking lots of pictures. Here’s one from today that I really like:

From Kale 3 to 6 months
13 years ago

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  1. That photo is AMAZING! (And so is your skin btw – I wish mine was faring as well.) Kale is ridiculously cute.

    I got your package today in the mail. Thanks so much Jen! Those stickers are awesome – and no, I don’t care whether they are vintage or not. I will have to use them for something fun next year. 🙂

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