This post is especially for Melanie, who was bemoaning the fact that she hadn’t had time to research toys for her daughter and instead spent a lot of time singing and clapping and being silly instead.

I think that being silly, laughing, singing, and dancing about are the best toys for any child. Anything interactive with your kid is going to do so much for development, more than any toy that claims to do so. That said, however, there are times when you need to provide your baby with something to entertain them while you go to the bathroom, make a cup of tea, or have to have your attention away for a little while. 

Kale has a few toys that have become the favorites. I spent a great deal of time researching toys (I tend to get obsessive about this sort of thing) and I eventually bought three Lamaze toys for him from a very nice lady on eBay: Jacques the Peacock, Mortimer the Moose, and Sydney the Kangaroo with bonus baby Sandy. Kale really likes Mortimer (his uncle Jim would be so proud of Kale’s moose-y love), and thinks Jacques the Peacock is totally awesome too, but could care less about the Kangaroo. The three toys are supposed to help with all sorts of wonderful development -auditory and tactile and bla bla bla. He likes the sounds and the way it feels and I think gets a kick out of the fact that he can chew on them and hold them. I don’t care what the supposed skills are that he is developing – to me it’s “Is he having fun?” and if the answer is “yes” then good enough.  

He also has an Octoplush, which he was given as a gift. Its from the Baby Einstein people which I think is a bit of a crock but he enjoys it fair enough. Except for accidentally making it say “REDREDREDREDRED” once when he happened to get the red tentacle into his mouth, he doesn’t yet have the ability to actuate the Octoplush. Although, I like this toy because it cracks me up. The premise of the toy is that it has eight (duh, its an octopus) arms, each one with a colour and a picture of something that is that colour, on a pad that when you press it, it says the colour. Like, there is a green leaf. And when you press the leaf, it chirps “green!” and you can change it so its Spanish, English or French. But the brown one, which is a bear, cracks me up because the tone of the voice as she says “brown” is totally all bow-chika-wow-wow!. No exclamation mark on that one. When you squish the Octopus’ head, it plays one of three classical music songs. And seriously? Wow. Those get stuck in your head and I find myself humming them at various points of the day. 

But Kale’s absolute favorite toy, which we discovered quite by accident this weekend is a chip bag with some chip dust in the bottom of it. No kidding.

From Kale 3 to 6 months

I guess he really likes the crinkly noise it makes. Ross blew it up a bit and put a twist tie on it and WHOA. It was a whole new world of goodness.

From Kale 3 to 6 months

It kept him entertained for about 30 minutes. We actually had to take it away to repair the loosening twist tie because little red chip dust was getting everywhere. Mooki also likes this toy for that very reason. 

From Kale 3 to 6 months

And just for fun, here is a bonus shot of the Extra Cuteâ„¢ that we also discovered this weekend:

From Kale 3 to 6 months

I decided that all clothes from now on will have ears because WOW, that’s freakin’ adorable.

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  1. Our son is 18 months old, and one of his very favourite “toys” right now is a bowl of bumpy gourds from the supermarket. He asks every day to play with his gourds. We count them and feel the bumps and anthropomorphize them (they ‘walk’ and ‘jump’ and ‘kiss’ and ‘eat’), and Wesley thinks it’s hilarious.

  2. It’s like they always say. Buy a kid a $200 toy and he’ll (she’ll) play with the box it came in. One of my brother’s favorite toys growing up was a box of old plugs and other assorted electrical things. No one is shocked that he is an electrician.

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