Clothes’ Sizing and Crafty

Is there some sort of law that says “if you are a manufacturer of kids clothes, just make up a size because its not important?”

Kale is currently fitting into clothes marked newborn all the way up to 18 months. Not to get all Seinfeld-y on you, but what the hell is with that? There is no regulated sizing in infant’s clothing, just like there is none is women’s clothing (which is why I fit into an 8 and a 18) and the only way I can tell if Kale will fit into something is to a) put it on him or b) guess. Nothing like putting on clothes on a squirmy 4 month old with busy hands only to find out that this sleeper? Yeah, good luck doing THAT up. Pfft. 

I have two boxes in the closet, one marked “Next Size” and the other marked “Future Sizes” and a third Rubbermaid tote under Kale’s laundry basket that is marked “Clothing That No Longer Fits” and…

Sidenote: is anyone else as obsessed with Rubbermaid totes as I am? I *heart* them. I *heart* them so much, here is a haiku:

Full Rubbermaid tote

Clothes for the future contained

Strong and silent you are

….anyway…. So as items fall into the “no longer fits” category, we just chuck them in there, and when that box gets full, I sell it on craigslist for $50. Its a good system. Now that Kale is getting a bit older, the incredible surplus of clothes is subsiding (he had clothes he grew out of before he wore) and now we are down to items in constant rotation. Because part of the fun of having a baby is dressing the little dude up, I’m feeling like I want some new clothes to add into the supply, but can’t justify just going and buying some. 

So I’m currently making some onesies and sleepers with some lovely bamboo jersey I picked up. The cost of the bamboo is likely considerably more than the cost of any clothes I would have bought but this way I’m making them so its also entertainment for me. The first one (although still unsewn and just pinned together at this point) is friggin’ huge. As a result, Kale’s little friend Caden, a week younger and yet mysteriously a number of pounds heavier (“Stringbean, meet brick shithouse, Brick shithouse, meet stringbean”) is getting a snazzy little orange number, and I’m back to the drawing board. 

The pattern I followed (hindsight says “why did I waste the money on buying this pattern, duh?”) is a McCall’s pattern orignally produced in the early 60s from the looks of it and not changed since then other than a new baby on the package, and apparently babies were bigger in the 60s. Like, a LOT. I guess they just don’t make ’em like they used to.

So I have to tweak the pattern and I honestly might as well just make my own. I use really light tracing paper for pattern making, and I recently read about using felt for pattern making as that way when you use your rotary cutter, you are less likely to trim pieces of paper off. I am kind of getting into pattern making these days. In fact, I am getting back into sewing in general and well, let’s just say I am knee deep in crafts these days:

From Miscellaneous

And since so many projects tend to get put down and picked up at the whims of a 4 month old boy, the picture above is sadly about what it normally looks like during the day. In fact, today I actually had to extend the table because the stored crap no longer allows for room to actually craft things. The table we bought is a little square table that actually doubles in size when you slide the top and pop out a hidden equal-size bottom layer. See that blue Rubbermaid tote? That’s my sewing machine, waiting for me to finish cutting out that satin so that I can sew: the orange onesie, three ties I’ll likely sell on Etsy, a green sleeper, and a black dimpled Minkee car seat/carrier fleecey cover thingie with a hood and zipper that I am also patterning and working on. I have one last project too – which the ingredients are not out for because I need one more part – PUL bibs made from the PUL that Melanie sent me to fiddle with. 

In addition to the crafty things I am making with fabrics, I am also in the middle of making a bunch of food-related things for Christmas gift baskets for the family. I’m not going to post what they are, since there are family readers here, but let’s just say I had to make extra to ensure I have some all for myself because Hello? Friggin’ yummy much?

Enough blogging, its time to get on with some of those crafts.

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  1. Hi Jen! I’m one of the Tomkinbloggers over at TenthtotheFraser… I like your blog!

    May I say that I particularly love your haiku? One of my favourite slightly ironic things to do is to compose a random haiku in honor of a very pedestrian daily object/happening and post it on my blog, watching it get no comments at all because nobody gets this particular unique brand of humor.

    So I thought I’d say – go haiku!

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