Goodbye Old Stuff

Today I sold the bassinet that we bought used. There are only two pictures of it in use, as almost all of the pictures of Kale sleeping are of him sleeping on our bed or on a person. Here is one picture, and you can see he is hardly sleeping – he was staring woefully at me while I pumped breastmilk.  

From Kale 0 to 3 months

I sold it for $75, which was totally reasonable, to a very nice guy whose partner is having their second baby. Apparently for their first, they used a playpen but found it rather large and bulky. I really like being able to sell things to parents-to-be. I wish I had the storage space to keep everything of Kale’s for a future (?) baby, but our place is TINY and we already have two completely jammed full storage areas. I swear I am not the type of person to have a lot of “stuff” but a lot of what we have in storage is things like snowshoes, or snowboards, or extra laminate boards for our floors, or Halloween costumes and decorations, or inexplicably, TWO SKATEBOARDS COLLECTING DUST back from the days when Ross used to skate. Apparently we are keeping those so that Kale and Ross can skate together one day. We also tend to keep things like sleeping bags and other assorted camping gear, and that type of stuff all takes up a lot of space. 

I also have no less than 4 craft type Rubbermaid totes: one is my sewing machine, another contains random crafty things like glue guns and sequins, and another contains photos and other scrapbooking keepsakes, and yet another contains fabrics, patterns, and knitting (which I don’t know how to properly) and crocheting stuff. This is all further proof that we need to install a little shed out front of our place for me to craft in. Because I am sure the strata council would totally be okay with that.

Anyway, goodbye old stuff. Thanks for the memories.

13 years ago


  1. We are slowly getting rid of stuff too but we are lucky in that the Mister’s cousin (who was trying for a long time to get pregnant) is having a girl in February. I basically just call her up and say “come and get some more stuff!” It’s awesome. Plus, if we need it back they will save it for us.

  2. I don’t give away my old stuff because I love how non-brand name it is. ALl the big tupperware stuff I’ve seen around here is all pooh and elmo and shit, and I’ve steered clear of it. I don’t like the idea of having to search out quality stuff on kijiji. In vancouver it’d be SO much easier to find a lot of stuff, but in our small city I’m not risking it. I’ll keep ash’s stuff for the next baby. So much less hassle, heh.

  3. that being said, i have sold his bassinet, swing chair and a few other things that i’ll rebuy. but not giving up his clothes just yet.

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