Funny Crap I Do To My Kid

One of the funny things I do to Kale with some regularity is put things that don’t belong on his hands on his hands and then watch him brain it out. This is sort of like my former life, where I would do things like put socks on Mooki and see how she reacted. I often place little bets with myself as to how long before the said object makes it into Kale’s mouth or comes off either from his will or from gravity. It’s purely for my amusement that I do this, but I sort of justify it by telling myself that this will help him learn a) a sense of humor and b) how to rid himself of things he does not want on his body like fleas, or perhaps mosquitos, or other annoying small things.  The funniest part is when I have the object on his body, and it doesn’t immediately fall off, Kale just accepts it and moves on, doing whatever he was working on at the time. Here he is with shoes on his hands. He flailed around for a few minutes, being all Robeez ninja, and then gave up and shoved them in his mouth.


From Collages

This week Kale started laughing. The real kind with actualy belly jiggling and big-gaped mouth grinning and he is definitely ticklish. I love hearing him laugh more than I thought possible. Such a simple thing, and yet, so amazing to hear.

13 years ago