Christmas Shopping

With December right around the corner, its time to think about Christmas shopping. I’m one of those people who you love to hate – I’m generally done shopping before December even rolls around and this past few years I am also one of those people who actually takes Martha Stewart’s suggestion and wraps the gifts as soon as I walk in the door from acquiring said gift. With the addition of a child this year, however, I can’t say with my usual smugness that I am “done” per se, although the list of things left to pick up is really small and if I could just find a local retailer who has the four or five things on my list, I’d be set. I could easily knock them off in about 30 seconds (barring the 30 minutes to find parking) at Metrotown, but I’m really hoping to find these few things here in New West, or at least at a small retail shop. 

Bree over at Tenth to the Fraser has an excellent suggestion about shopping local and it’s something Ross and I have been trying to do for years, not just for Christmas. It’s hard though, when you live in a city poised on the verge of greatness but still stuck in stasis in the planning stages of the impending greatness with no less than eleventy-billion dollar stores and a high number of “antique” stores trying to pass off crap as valuables by calling it “vintage” or “shabby chic” . Ross and I also put a caveat on our gifting last year that items needed to be handmade by us or by another person, further complicating and making it more of a (fun) challenge to find that perfect gift for each other. Its about effort, not price.

I spend a lot of time on Etsy looking for gifts from local crafty folk and also, admittedly, looking for ideas to steal for myself. I used to spend a great deal of time on Craftster but I don’t like their search functionality and I really don’t like the huge amount of well… emo-based crafts that seem to be posted. One can only look at so many sarcastic Nintendo inspired belt buckles. Blog reader Gillian has an Etsy shop (buy some slings and stuff!) and, actually, so do I, although there is nothing there at the moment. Soon there will be some goodies up for sale if I can find time in between the current list of crafty gift projects and the needs of a 5 month old noisy wee beast to complete the items you shall soon be able to purchase. 

I’m volunteering at the West Coast Christmas Craft and Pet Fair in Cloverdale this weekend, and will be working the No Puppy Mills Canada booth, one of the few animal-related volunteering I do now that I have Kale (the other three groups being Greater Vancouver Street Cat Society,  Vancouver Shiba, and New Westminster Emergency Pet Services.) I’m hoping to find some good stocking stuffers for the animal lovers and non-animal lovers in my life and getting out and about in disguise as a non-mom is always fun. 

Today the weather is rainy and piss, but I will be bundling Mr. Kale up in fleece and headed uptown to Cartwright Jewelers which is not only where Ross and I had our wedding rings made at, but is also a great place to get jewelry repaired. I have a bracelet that I like that the little catch chain is broken, and ideally it will be repaired before I head off to my staff Christmas party. 

So tell me, dear readers, do you have your Christmas gift shopping complete and do you have any amazing items to share? 

Kale says hi, by the way:

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