Sleep and Christmas Notes

We’ve been struggling with sleep this past week. Kale has been fighting tooth and nail to not sleep and we aren’t sure if its teething, gas, distraction, or what. When he finally gets to sleep, he is sleeping better than he ever has – for longer stretches and with less wakeups. But getting him there? Ugh. At one point I found myself holding down his hands while he protested because he kept bonking himself in the face and waking himself up. I am terrified of having a child that I have to perform a complicated ritual to get to sleep every night, one that involves a certain number of minutes of patting, a certain number of minutes of cooing, a certain number of minutes of whatever. I want desperately for him to be able to sleep easily and happily and its really frustrating watching him go through this because I realize that sleep is a learned skill and I feel a bit pressured because it’s up to us to help him learn.

I would like to think he’s learning to put himself to sleep right now, and so our constant ministrations that used to work like a sleep-inducing charm are now keeping him awake but at the same time, he hasn’t quite mastered bunking down himself. It’s a crappy no man’s land to be in these days, but as all things, this will pass. 

I introduced Kale to rice cereal earlier this week(post- sleeping issues commencement) and I am taking that v-e-r-y slowly, so while we struggle with the sleeping, I will likely put the rice cereal on hold.

BUT! he also started putting his arms around my neck when I pick him up, so honestly, Kale could cry all day and do that just once and I would totally melt anyway. 

So! Ross and I are having an open house this weekend and as we prepare for our open house (banana bread is in the oven, baby poop is getting washed out of the tub, etc), Kale got his first Christmas card yesterday – it was from his Nana.

From Kale 3 to 6 months

And I started decorating the house. I know my post re: Santa may have given you all the impression I hate Christmas but NO, I actually ADORE Christmas. I just hate Mall Santa and all that he stands for. I even made stockings this year, and patchworked the front (first attempt at quilting and whoa! Seriously? Quilters? Mad props to you for the freakin’ PATIENCE required, man, that sucked!).

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, yo:

From Christmas 2008

And I also decorated our tree and because I’m a dork, made a little 12 second movie about:

See? And you guys thought I hated Christmas.

13 years ago

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  1. Okay…the magically decorated Christmas Tree…totally awesome. And seriously that kid of yours is THE CUTENESS!!!

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