Where Have I Been?

Wow, where have I been lately? I swear I sat down the other day to write a blog post and POOF! its a week later. When I started up this blog I had sort of made up my mind to try and post at least 4 times a week. Well, apparently not in December. Anyway, its been a whirlwind this past week. Sock sales are going really well and I am so close to being done all my own Christmass-ing I can taste it. I’m working on one project right now that I can’t mention because the person(s) the gift is for reads this blog but I WISH I could be there when they open it because MAN – holy awesomeness. 

Anyway, as I mentioned the other day, I introduced Kale to rice cereal and he LOVED it. We are using the Healthy Times brand of rice cereal and I have been mixing it with expressed breast milk in varying degrees of thickness. The first time was more or less liquid, and we’ve worked our way up to a mashed potato consistency. I started with once per week and have worked our way up to once a day now, and he seriously goes bonkers. 


From Kale 3 to 6 months

And yup, that is a bib featuring a sock monkey that says “feed the monkey” that Kale’s auntie made him. Dope, eh?

From Kale 3 to 6 months

I’m using the sandwich method of introducing solids – so Kale gets a hearty breastfeed, then we have some solids, and then I offer him the breast again, which he has so far refused. When we are done the serving I have prepared him, he is stretched out, looking for more.

From Kale 3 to 6 months

We really had to think long and hard about introducing solids. When we saw our doctor for the 4 month appointment, she gave us the green light to go nuts. I was a bit nervous, primarly because of all the reading I have done that suggests waiting till 6 months. But Kale told us he was ready by making chewing motions while watching us eat, by wanting anything and everything that we put in our mouth (although he’d want a sock if we put that in our mouths too), and by suddenly going back to the every-two-hours feeding schedule that we had SO labouriously worked away from and were finally at 3-4 hours during the day. And, I just FELT like he was ready to try. So, we waited till he was a few days short of five months and split the difference between my doctor and my readings. 

We’re going slow, because I know the introduction of solids can really throw otherwise contented babies for a loop. Apparently Kale has inherited Mom and Dad’s sense of HUNGER however, and so far, is in bliss when he gets food from a spoon and not from me. 

I’m sort of sad, because this means he has been forever changed. But I’m excited, too. Starting solids is a natural evolution of being a human, and so I feel like Kale has officially because a little boy, and the newborn I had is now something I’m going to have to work hard to remember as time goes on. 

Kale’s latest trick is also one that’s slightly more alarming. The back arching. Seriously, what is with that? He does it all the time – in the bath, on the bed, in his bouncy chair… the constant back arching has meant that I really seriously have to use all the seat belts that come with his stuff, and the Bumbo? yeah, that one is DONE already. He surprised both Ross and I this week by rolling off the bed (he’s fine, don’t worry) and arching himself out of his bouncy chair. 

His other newest thing is the supersonic noises. If NORAD is looking for a new weapon to stop aliens or terrorists, LOOK NO FURTHER because Kale could break glass with some of the noises that are coming out of this kid. These high pitched sounds are emitted both when he is elated and when he is abysmal. I keep singing Jamiroquai’s “Supersonic” to him. He also likes “You Are My Sunshine” which I always thought was a happy song but if you read the lyrics its totally depressing (and hey, interesting fact – it’s Louisiana’s state song!). Apparently the woman who sings the song in that last linnk thought the same as me. 

It’s like Kale just suddenly hit the gas in terms of development.  

From Kale 3 to 6 months
From Kale 3 to 6 months

Totally unrelated. Last night I realized that people born in 1990 turn 19 this upcoming year. HOLY COW.

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  1. wow I had to catch up on all the postings I’ve missed.

    I couldnt help but laugh at the supersonic noise Kale is making.
    My nephews would do this and set the next one off and then the third. Sort of like when babies cry, they all start.

    My brother has a theory about screeching babies that make that certain noise. They will be quiet Adults.

    All three of his boys made this horrid sound and are all quiet gentlemen (not to be mistaken with wimpy.

    Love the pictures!!!

    Merry Christmas Arbo Family!

  2. What you wrote about Kale and solids was exactly where I was with Moira and solids. She was just SO HUNGRY so I started her a few days shy of 5 months. I didn’t sandwhich though – I just breastfed her and then gave her solids. She pretty much likes everything (except Borscht – at this point I will feed her anything if it isn’t spicy or a known allergen).

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