Picture Roundup

“Help! Save me from the evil daddy who is attempting to wrangle me into my sleeper!”

From Kale 3 to 6 months

Even though Kale is a cloth diaper kid, we still use a disposable at night, primarly because I am really lazy. Now that Kale is FINALLY getting some chubbier legs, his cloth diapers rarely leak, so I think we will go back to cloth 24/7. BUT excuse the plastic butt in this shot. Also, edited to add, that little red mark is Kale’s birthmark.

From Kale 3 to 6 months

Sunday, our friends Karina and Kevin stopped by briefly, with both their 5 year old daughter Jenna, and their 5 month old son Caden. Caden is exactly one week younger than Kale. I think Kale is about 2 pounds lighter and a head taller. Here they are taste-testing one another. Because the rule of 5 month olds is: when in doubt, shove it in your cakehole.

From Kale 3 to 6 months
13 years ago

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  1. OMG, the cuteness … can’t stand it … almost makes me want to wake up my son for a cuddle. If I was just a little crazier I’d do it too.

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