Quick One Today While The Boy NAPS

I would call yesterday one of the Top Ten Worst Days so far. Today? Kale is blessing me with an hour long nap and I hardly know what to do with myself. Just want to say thanks to Bree for the Ask Moxie suggestion – I didn’t actually ask Moxie anything but reading a lot of the letters she gets helped a bit and we survived. Anyway! Enough with the sleeping related dead horse beating. 

One of my projects so far has been to organize and type out recipes for my mom, recipes that were a bundle of disaster that smelled kinda funny like the way old things do. Some of these recipes I mentioned before, and some look astonishingly delicious and not only have I printed out a copy for Mom, I have also printed one out for me. I am almost done typing them all out; there are probably about 25 left or so and I’d like to get those banged off pretty quickly so that I can recover the space on the corner of my desk. 

Speaking of cooking related stuff (oh what a segue!) Ross and I decided to get a turkey this year for Christmas, even though its only Ross, myself and Kale (and Mooki) because there is this soup we love a lot called Turkey Mushroom Soup that has lots of fresh sage in it and its just freakin’ awesome. Yes, I will post the recipe this week. So lots of leftover turkey = soup and other yummy turkey leftovers. I have cooked a turkey before but only once as usually my roast poultry is um… chickenier, but I’ve been scouring the internets for good suggestions all the same. So far, these guys seem like they might know what they are talking about. 

All right, I gotta run as I hear the boy grousing. But first, the obligate Kale photos:

I like to eat my socks.

From Kale 3 to 6 months

I like my Octoplush:

From Kale 3 to 6 months

Check out my jeans:

From Kale 3 to 6 months
13 years ago

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  1. Ah yes, there are up days … and there are down days! It helped me a lot to know that I wasn’t the only one who had it rough sometimes! I never “asked” Moxie either, but it was eye-opening for me to see the spectrum of experiences her audience shares. Someone always has it worse than you!

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