Sleep Redux

I feel like I am beating a dead horse here because I started writing a post about sleeping, or, namely, the lack thereof. 

Kale, as I’ve mentioned, hasn’t slept well this past two weeks, but this last few days I discovered a temporary stop-gap to help him get some shut eye. After nursing, there is the rocking and cuddling and patting and stroking his forehead and then gently easing him into the crib. Some sleep experts feel that by doing this he won’t learn to put himself to sleep, but I can’t stand to listen to the moaning and whining and see the red eyes and listen to the tears and the SHEER AGONY. So for now, this works. 

Today, however, the nurse/rock/cuddle/pat/stroke stopped working for whatever reason, so after almost two hours of us going through the cycle of the comforting and then dozing on me and then INSTA-WAKEFULNESS the second I put him into his crib, coupled with frustrated bleats of anger, I tried putting him on his tummy. No sooner had I done that he sighed a content little sigh, his face INSTANTLY relaxed, and he fell easily into sleep. It was like I flipped a switch. 

Will he die from SIDS? Well, experts tend to disagree at what point the risk of SIDS decreases to where it is safe to tummy sleep.  The BC Health Files say that you do not need to force your baby to sleep on their back once they are capable of flipping over. Well thank freakin’ God. Kale is fully capable of flipping over. 

I’ve been in to check on him three times now. All three times he’s relaxed, breathing, and deeply asleep. 

You know, I knew the second I wrote that, he’d wake up. Le sigh.

13 years ago


  1. I hear that. Ash has always been a side and tummy sleeper. Literally since he was born he was able to move to his side, so I’ve never been able to fight it. He nurses while laying on his belly, even.

    I have only recently stopped checking on Ash every hour or so… when he was really young it was about every 20 minutes, haha.

    Is K still sleeping with you?

  2. Not anymore. He comes to bed in the night to nurse and often we will fall asleep together, he in a milk coma and me in a hormone induced sleep. But he’s MR FREAKIN SHIFTY and will wake up within an hour so off to his bed he goes. Usually what happens is that we both fall asleep, and then Kale wakes, and then wakes up Ross, and Ross puts Kale back to bed while I barely open an eyelid and notice. 🙂

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