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So I’ve been flattered and my professional writing diploma is actually going to come in use and I am now an occasional contributor to the team over at Tenth to the Fraser. It’s a New-West centric blog and it will come as no surprise that my first post is a copy of my slightly ranty, high-horsed dispatch about not shovelling your walk. Also, I don’t know if the neighbours I referred to read my blog, but I noticed tonight that HARK! they shovelled their sidewalk. They didn’t salt, but by gum it’s a start and I don’t care whether I had anything to do with it. They likely felt my mental daggers but if not, who cares?

Tonight I finished my Christmas shopping. Ross and I had set limits and challenges on our gifts to one another. $75 including stocking, and it needed to be handmade or made in the spirit of handcrafted (IE, not factory made in China). I thought I was done about two weeks ago but I sat down the other day and realized that I hadn’t spent all of my $75! I realized there was one last component I could buy for him, and I was excited that I could do more shopping and get out of the house for a little while. 

So, tonight I bundled up and after dropping some socks off at a customer’s home, I dropped on down to Queensborough Landing and popped into a store that I thought would have what I needed. It’s been a real challenge this year – not only did I have the challenges that Ross and I set up for ourselves, but I also had the challenge I undertook of shopping locally. Although some of my items were not local, they were made by artisans and individuals without expectation of profit – IE people with a hobby and selling off the goodies. 

So, lo! The store did in fact have what I wanted, with absolutely no other customers in the store (they were obviously too busy over at Best Buy or Walmart to care) and it was less than what I wanted to pay to boot. Can I get a Huzzah? 

I wish I could be a personal shopper for someone. I love finding perfect gifts. I love coming up with stuff that is original and thoughtful and hits the mark dead on. I’d love to be some rich, high powered executive’s personal shopper. Man, that would be so fun. Can you imagine an unlimited budget and all sorts of time? I have so many gift ideas I’d just love to have the right person to buy for. 

Anyway – I mentioned a while back that we were going to go to the Burnaby Village Museum to visit Father Christmas. We went, and I was very disappointed that Father Christmas is apparently only there on weekends. Well, at the time, anyway. Apparently as of December 15th it was every day. But of course, they don’t tell you that when you pay the $12 to get in each. So we don’t have an Arbo Family Christmas photo featuring an old man in a suit. Instead, we have a picture I took in front of our tree:

From Christmas 2008

And yes, in that picture Kale is looking down (at Mooki) but in the other one, Ross thinks he looks terribly fat. So the internets only gets to see this one.

And here is a collage of photos from our outing to Burnaby Village Museum, which ended up being kinda fun all the same, except for maybe the slightly creepy museum interpreter on the tram and also the one at the general store. On second thought, they were all kinda creepy. And seriously? I am LOVING the new toys in Picasa that does things like make collages:

From Collages

Also, I found this list today while scouring the internets. Its a list of a number of Easter Eggs put out by Google. Some of them are so cool it hurts. I knew about some but some? Well, let’s just say they were awesome for a laugh. Mom: Easter Eggs in this context refers to little snippets of treasure that nerdy computery type people like. Not colourful eggs. Just FYI.

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