Picture Roundup: Version Snow

Those of you in the East are likely laughing your pants off at the stink that the snow has created out here. But people are stupid, man. I just about got creamed yesterday when I braved the elements and went to the grocery store for all my turkey accoutrements. Some guy was fairly convinced his silly little Honda Civic with bald tires wouold have no problem turing left in front of me, on an uphill, no less. Thanks God we bought snow tires (and can now be smug) because without them there is no way I could have stopped. 

In any event, we went for a walk yesterday, and Kale ate a bit of snow for the first time.

From Kale 3 to 6 months

Here is an arty shot of the tree in the park:

From Miscellaneous

And one of the Moo:

From Mooki

Who promptly came home and put on her pajamas:

From Mooki
13 years ago