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I’m one of those “large calfed” girls. Stores call it “plus size boots” and most places offer the style of a water buffalo for those of us who actually have muscular calves. Also, just because I have large calves doesn’t mean my feet are big. I have a size 6 or 6.5 boot, and my foot is narrow or normal sized. So are my ankles. I just have hugely over developed calves from years of soccer. A physiotherapist once told me that my overdeveloped calves might account for knee problems over the years. I have never been able to wear tall boots and it’s sort of become a bit of a holy grail for me to find “the perfect boot”. 

I’ve been on a hunt for the elusive perfect boot – boots I can wear with jeans, skirts, and dresses. Especially jeans. Originally I wanted the boot that did it all: confortable, with good support, made of leather, with a heel, etc etc. But I’ve come to terms with the fact that you can’t get a heeled boot with excellent support and 100% comfortable. I need to buy two pairs of boots, actually. A winter pair of boots I don’t care what the sole looks like and stylish boots to covet and wear out. 

About five years ago, I bought a pair of slightly beat up looking black rugged boots from the thrift shop and they were on sale plus they were having some sort of shoe clear out and so they ended up costing me a total of $0.50. I am not kidding. 50 freakin’ cents. I took them home, and polished them up and discovered a) they were awesome boots that fit perfectly, and b) someone had recently paid to replace the soles and they had fabulous tread on them and c) the boots were actually Daytons. I bought some wool inserts the other day to make them cozy and these are now my winter boots. 

So a few weeks ago I went on a hunt for the elusive perfect stylish boot. And I found them. In England, of course. The company is called “Duo Boots” and prides themselves on their ability to fit larger calfed gals. I found the perfect pair of boots, that blends the style I want with the comfort I want too:



They were £141 and I sent the link to Ross and sort of mooned over them and tried to figure out a way to justify their purchase. £141 is about $250 Canadian dollars. Add into the equation the duty, tax, and import fees I would have to pay, and these were looking like a $300 pair of boots. 

Well, I’ve sold a bunch of stuff on Craigslist. I’ve sold a bunch of socks. I sold a few dayplanners. So when Duo Boots emailed me this morning to tell me the boots I have been coveting were on sale for £100, well… I did it. I bought them. 

Its going to completely empty my mad money jar. I feel kinda light-headed, actually. 

I’m also looking for a new purse. I have a zillion purses, I know, but I can’t function well anymore with a baby and with any purse meant to be carried on the forearm or in the hands. I’ve been finding myself taking my wallet, my dayplanner, my keys etc OUT of my current bag and shoving it into my shopping bag.  I own one of these Mountain Equipment Co-op messenger style small satchels, but the amount of style on a bag like that? Well, it hurts, to put it mildly. Plus, I’m all anti-MEC ever since they stopped making their own women’s clothes, jacked up their prices to cover the cost of all those brand name labels like Prana and Patagonia, and stopped selling sizes that might fit the average women. Because apparently women who have a bit of substance apparently aren’t active.

ANYWAY, not to get all ranty here, so moving on.

I don’t really think the MEC messenger tote will work for a night out – its made of waterproof ripstop nylon or something, so that hardly goes with knee high ruched leather boots. It hardly goes with anything ruched. So I have been eyeing up purses to find “the” bag to last me for a few years, rather than continually buying a cycle of cute and trendy bags.

So my list of wants includes real leather, hopefully made in Canada, and something a little unusual – not just black leather. It needs to be worn as a shoulder bag, and be large enough to house my dayplanner, a wallet, a small bag of cosmetic-y things (lip balm, hair elastics, etc), and be able to carry a diaper, a couple wipes, and a small baby spit cloth. Oh, and keys and a cell phone. Ross and I were out and about not too long ago, and I saw this bag on the side of a bus. Let’s see. Style is correct. Colour is awesome (it comes in purple or grey, and I like both). Size is about right. Its made in Canada. Um… hello? Can I please have this? 

Of course they are on sale for Boxing day, but I just blew my entire mad money jar on my dream boots, so the purse will have to wait. There is a Roots outlet store by my house and who knows, maybe one of these purses will find their way to the outlet store. if any of you have any suggestions about a bag, I’d love to hear them.

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  1. Jen, you and I are like the same person, seriously. I, too, am blessed in the calval region (ha!) and have been attempting to find boots that fit AND are comfortable. I did buy a pair through Eddie Bauer online, which I returned a couple weeks later as I could barely walk in them by day’s end. 🙁 And I *heart* the Roots bag! 🙂

  2. Nice boots! I have the problem that though my feet are small, I have wide feet and occasionally a mean case of “cankles.” Boots are great but I need flat boots (the heel kind of cramps my sitting-down style) with a round toe (what is *with* the razor-point toe hanging on forever and ever?) that doesn’t look wierd on a very skinny calf. I once saw them at a Camper store and got cold feet and didn’t buy them and have rued the day ever since. Good for you for making a needed, well-thought-out, well-researched purchase!

    And that bag is awesome.

  3. Re: the bag. Well, I found a knock off at Shoe Company for $50 and bought it. I really wasn’t going to buy a cheapy knockoff, BUT… I couldn’t find a single one on Etsy, and I couldn’t justify $160 from Roots, and this one is leather. Boring black, yes, but my choices were hot pink or black, so black it is.

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