2008 in Review

Hi all,

Since this is the last day in ’08, I figured I should make my firt post to our blog (plus I was requested to do so).

What a year for us it has been. The first half of the year is a little fuzzy as the economy was still exploding in a million directions and my job seemed to follow quite closely on all trajectories. At the forefront was the upcoming 2010 Winter Olympics in Whistler which became a very large component of my life and saw me driving up Hwy 99 2-3 times a week. My love/hate relationship with the Olympics is just that; I both love and hate that approximatly 80% of my work revolves around 2010.

The new Hostel at the Whistler Atheletes Village, under construction.

If I wasn’t at work I was going to see the midwife with Jen or going to prenatal classes with Jen or picking up Jen from her work to get home. To many this appeared to be my 2nd job but I really did enjoy ‘pregnant Jen’ and preparing for the impending birth of our 1st child.

The second half of the year (what I consider from Kales birth to now) has been nuts! (and much less fuzzy) in comparison to the first. Watching Jen go through labour AND a cesarian will forever be burned into my brain. It’s true; you do find a newfound respect for women after wittnessing that. I was present in the operating room when Kale was born and I cried. I knew I would cry (I told Jen in prenatal class, 2 months previous, that I would cry) and sure enough I did – a lot, I could barely see through the tears. I last cried when I was a kid and smacked myself in the shin with my skateboard. They were tears of pain so this was very new to me; tears of joy. I couldn’t have been prouder of Jen and Kale.

Being a new parent and taking care of a newborn, we were very cautious and carefull with Kale when we got him home. We kept a hat on him for the first week (we were told babies get cold easily but it was super hot in July), we handled him like a delicate crystal bowl full of water and were carefull not to be too loud when he was asleep. However, after 2 months, that all changed and now we can be quite ‘active’ with him (Kale laughs uncontrollably when I jump around on the bed with him and bounce him around).

So despite all the earthquakes in Asia and Indian terrorists and Beijing Olympics (sorry Tibet and Dalai Lama, I feel for you) and the worldwide economic downturn, this year for me revolved around being a supportive husband and a new dad.

Happy New Years everyone and I hope to see you in ’09

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  1. so nice to hear from you, ross! Talking about you crying at Kale’s birth was touching- got ME all misty!

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