Whole Lotta Crafty

It’s been a crafty week here at Chateau d’Arbo because there are only so many places we can walk to in this snow (see also: neighbours still not shovelling their friggin’ sidewalks – a pox on all their houses).

 It started with me FINALLY getting my collective poop together and starting a scrapbook. Its been something on my “to-do” list for a while now – I wanted to scrapbook how our family became a family, and want to be able to add pages as things happen. When planning our wedding I kept all sorts of mementos, and these were sitting in a box waiting for me to take them out and make them into some sort of orderly “thing”. I really don’t know what I am doing – I bought a bunch of little embellishments on clearance at Micheals and I bought a “kit” that came with a bunch of sheets of paper and what not, and WAAAYYYY back in 2007 I bought a silk covered memory book to hold the pages. So last week I finally printed out some of my favorite pictures and went and bought some glue dots, and sat down and scrapbooked and finally am finished and am really happy with the results. These are photos of the pages from my book:

From Collages

I’ve also been dying socks, as I mentioned. Well, I also made a purple pair, and this time I took pictures of the process and made up a tutorial, in case you were interested.

I also made a bib for Mr. Drooly Pants. I used some PUL that Melanie sent me, and some fabric scraps. PUL is laminated polyester, so its essentially waterproof. Its what Kale’s awesome diapers are made with. The green tweed and navy stripes is canvas I bought with the idea of making some shopping bags but never got around to, and the orange is some scraps of the bamboo jersey I bought to make onesies with, but then decided that its too stretchy. I used a modified version of a pattern I got from Burda Style.

From Crafts
From Crafts
From Crafts

And finally, I made some Taggie Feelies. What are Taggie Feelies? Well, Taggies are a registered, trademarked, patented blah blah blah children’s toy. They are basically soft things with tags sticking up because kids like the feel of them. So I made fancy Taggie Feelies. These are made with black Minkee dimpled fleece and Italian satin (again, fabric I bought for different projects) with ribbons picked up from the thrift store sewn in. They are soft and silky. I made four of them, and Kale selected the one he likes, the other three I will list for sale on Etsy provided I don’t get sued by the Taggie people for making something like their product.

From Crafts
From Crafts
From Crafts

So, you know, its been a whole lotta crafty up in here. I like the fact that I have knocked off a few projects but I am running out of stuff to do and my sewing machine is in desperate need of a service so I’d really rather the rain came and cleaned this place up. Otherwise I can see myself with 30 pairs of dyed wool socks pretty stinking soon.

If anyone knows of a good service place for my sewing machine, I am all ears. The shop that Ross bought my zillion year old and totally indestructable Kenmore in has closed down. (Reason number eleventy seven I should open a fabric and sewing shop in New Westminster).

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  1. Feelies I will likely sell for about $20 or so, and the bib (now that I got it figured out) about the same. I can make the bib with a different animaux on the front too, I just chose “hen” for this one.

  2. The bibs I make sell to stores for about $5 a piece and take FOREVERRRRRRRRRRRRRR to make. So much so, that I’m not making them anymore because it’s NOT worth it in the slightest. $20 is a totally fair price for the amount of work that goes in them.

  3. Yeah, I’d only make them if requested. This one took about 45 minutes or so, (although it would take about half hour now that I’ve made one) and the fabric costs were about $6, so that’s why I’d say $20. Would I pay $20 for a bib? No way. Not unless I was a child-less friend of someone having a baby shower and didn’t know any better.

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