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I’ve had my LG Fusic for about two years now, and while the theory of being able to transmit my saved music through an FM tuner is great, I don’t commute anymore and so the only times I’d ever use this option is about, oh, never. I also don’t really listen to music through headphones anymore because wherever I am, Kale is, and we usually talk and sing. 

So I started thinking that I need a new phone. 

Now, I realize that I shouldn’t really be looking at new phones when I just bought $250 boots, and decimated my mad money account, but I figure that Bell Mobility should be rewarding me for paying them about a hundred bucks a month for the past two years* and when I see ads telling the average Joe Blow he’s welcome to walk into a Bell Store and pick up the latest and greatest phones for less than $50, I assume that me, Ms. Loyal Customer, should garner a similar good deal.

So imagine my surprise when I log on to my Bell account, select “upgrade phone” and am told that to get the latest and greatest I am looking at $100 +. Um, what? So I called today, and posed a semi-rhetorical question to the customer service agentIi spoke to.

Now, I’ve read reports of Bell Mobility’s horrific customer service, but as a former Telus and former Rogers customer, Bell has, by far, the most useful, empowered, and plain old NICE employees at the end of my *611. I’ve never had a problem. 

So I asked, nicely, what the deal was and was told that they’d basically offer me the same deal as a new customer, and do one better -waive the activation fee. I didn’t even have to escalate to the next level of employee. I was impressed.

So I asked if I could think on her offer, and got the info as to how to get said offer in the future, and now here I am, thinking about a phone I totally do not need whatsoever, and reading reports that say its not nearly the awesome phone Bell would have me believe, so now I am reading reviews and reports about another phone (which is also appealing given the Canadian roots for Blackberries), and I emailed my friendly CSR to ask what sort of a deal she could offer me on other phones.

* Ross and I use our cell phones as home phones. I also make a lot of daytime calls. I realize that $100 seems like a huge cell phone bill, and it is. But the only plans I could get certain features I want are in the $70 range. Couple that with some long distance and poof, $100 cell phone bill. If you have a better solution for me, I am all ears.

13 years ago


  1. Have you ever tried Yak Cell for your long distance? It’s only 3.5c/min anywhere in Canada. I find that sometimes there’s an echo, but that could be an Island thing. I’d give it a shot – there’s no commitment/contract, and I’ve actually had good customer service when I’ve needed it.

    Oh, and you last post almost convinced me to start trying for babies. I like hearing how much you love Kale, and how happy your life is now, being a family of 3.

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