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I recently had a look at the stats for this blog since its inception last August. I get a kick out of the search queries report for some reason, and this go around was no exception. Primarly because of one single search query. 

I was astounded at the number of search queries involving paperblanks day planners for 2009…

Sidenote: I *still* get emails asking me if I have any left and the answer is no, sadly. I had one left at Christmas which I gave to a relative as a gift. I will be placing an order in February or March for 2010 planners and so if you want one in particular, you need to contact me before then and I can try and help you pick one. I won’t be ordering any planners for people I don’t know unless they are pre-paid – one of the people who contacted me last year never did pay me and refuses to answer my emails because she’s a sad and pathetic person who karma is going to get and I hope her 2009 is a total suckass year for her since she is using a dayplanner she SCAMMED A STAY AT HOME MOM TO GET… but I digress. Anyway, if I know you (and there are more than a few blog readers I know and trust well enough to order without pre-payment) then fine, but if not, it needs to be prepaid orders only, including the shipping costs to where ever you are. I know that it doesn’t give you a lot of reassurance that I will mail you your planner come 2010, but that’s your problem, not mine. I know I’m not a scammer, so take it or leave it. Anyway….

So I still get emails for the dayplanners and I am not really surprised that a lot of the search queries involve some combination of the words Paperblanks, day, planner, 2009.

I also get an awful lot of search strings for either Ross’ name or my name. I guess there are a lot of people out there who are googling our names. Which entertains me that I might be THAT interesting to have stuff out there in cyberspace with my name on it. 

I get a lot of search queries for stuff like: cloth diapers, crafty stay at home mom, recipes for slow cooker pulled pork, and “arbolog” quite frequently. This is a fairly new domain name, so the amount of search terms is relatively small. 

The best on though? Seriously? Without a doubt has got to be: “Lovely Ladies in Diapers”. I shit you not. HA HA HA!  Dude, you are a sick sick sick person. Its like that episode of CSI where the dude is into wearing diapers and his wife strips his body. 

Anyway, those of you with websites, what is the best search query that someone has found your site with? We could all use a good laugh. 

13 years ago


  1. “brother in law saw me naked”

    now, i have an entry titled “my 16 year old brother in law probably saw me naked” so that explains how they found my blog using that search phrase, but i’m not sure why people would search out “brother in law saw me naked”. obviously, not as interesting as “lovely ladies in diapers”

    1. I realized why I got that search query. When I wrote a review of the women who made Kale’s diapers, I referred to them as “the lovely ladies at Cloth Diapers Eh.” and since Google drops common words like in or at, voila. At least your entry was actually about your brother in law potentially seeing you naked. LOL

    1. Laura: holy cow that’s awesome. I sometimes feel like writing something ridiculous just to see, you know?

  2. This is for LMR – “Curious girl Vegas”

    We did have a rat named Vegas in rescue but somehow I think the person had a bit of a different girl in mind.

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