Seriously, can the teeth fairies just send these two goddamned bottom front teeth our way and we can have a little break from this hellhole known as teething? Man, seriously. Everytime I think it can’t possibly get worse, it does. Kale has been blessing us with good sleeps (knock on wood) at night, and once he gets to sleep for his naps, he is sleeping well. I guess the tradeoff is the teething. He is chewing and chewing and chewing and chewing on everything and anything, and alternately being cheerful and adorable and then insane and crotchety with the drop of a hat. 

He’s been going through this “Man oh man I am soooo tired holy cow I need to sleep look at me rubbing my eyes and yawning and NO WAIT I’M NOT EVEN REMOTELY TIRED LET’S PARTY DUDES!” thing lately, and I think a lot of it is actually as he is hunkering down for a nap or a sleep, his teeth hurt more because there is less distraction and less to investigate, so you notice it more. 

But still, no teeth. 

He’s not interested in frozen things or even fridge-cold things, and teething tabs do appear to be helping a bit. But I know teething is one of those things that you can’t hurry, you can’t speed up, and you just need to live through it. And that we are doing. 

But man. IT SUCKS. Bleh. 

Also, the clutching and grabbing and pinching and scratching? THAT can’t go fast enough for me, thanks. Kale has always had busy hands while nursing (we most commonly nurse in the side lying position) and that’s fine. We often hold hands or play with each other’s fingers or he might just wave his hand around in the air. But lately, now that the concept of motor skills and strength is coming in to the picture? Well, lately, its all about the how much can I grab onto Mommy’s hair, or her sweater, or her lip. Oh I love that one – the lip. Memo to Kale: I have a dentist, I don’t need a dental exam, thanks, my boy. I’m thinking about getting one of those nursing necklaces (here’s a good write up about what a nursing necklace is, but be aware there are many many many people out there selling them from $20 to $125(!) so Laughing Starfish is just one and I am not endorsing them specifically because I have never used one of theirs) or possibly even making one myself. New Westminster has a good bead store, called Moody Beads, and I bet that would be a fun outing for me to do. Not many people know that YEARS ago, I worked at one of those kiosks in the mall and sold beads. Bead Street? Bead World? I can’t remember. Anyone interested in doing that together?


 So, I ended up buying a Blackberry Pearl after deliberating for a few days. I actually decided not to buy a phone, but a guy I had contacted who had one for sale offered it to me at a price I could not refuse so… well…. I won’t say I had to but I sure had a hard time saying no. This, coupled with my boots I recently bought are about the two last fun expenses I expect to have, other than the odd craft supply. Ross and I need to sit down and figure out our finances and look at how we can ensure I can stay home, or alternatively, what we are looking at in terms of scheduling work and childcare options. I’ve decided I am going to sign up to sell Usborne Books (children’s books sold a la Tupperware) and am going to take care of that this week. But how much I can make is certainly not going to be enough to sustain us. So I need to look at contract work, or creative hours at my workplace or… something. In a perfect world, all parents would get to stay home with their children until their children go off to school, but we don’t live in a perfect world. We are, however, creative people and I like to think we live a frugal and simple life. So I am sure we will work it out, however we do. 

* * * * * 

Tonight we are going for dinner and I’m bringing dessert so I was scouring the intarnets for a good bundt cake recipe. I bought a cast aluminum bundt cake pan the other day on clearance and have been looking forward to using it. It took a lot of searching to find a recipe because all the recipes I found called for “Chocolate Cake Mix” added to some other ingredients. What’s with that? When I bake, I want to go from scratch, not from a box mix. Sheesh. Speaking of which, I need to get off the computer and go bake the thing. 

I leave you with this charming photo of our other child – the slightly more furry and a whole lot more lazy one, Mooki. Life sure is hard for her.

From Mooki

Send help, Mooki needs rescuing.

13 years ago


  1. Yup. As it says, “teething tabs do appear to be helping a bit.” We have been going through those a lot more these days. I remember buying them when Kale was a newborn and thinking “we might need these” and I am glad I did!

  2. The teething tablets worked a bit for Moira too but when things got really bad I caved and gave her the Infant Tylenol to help relieve the pain. You’ve read all about our teething woes so I won’t go into them here. Moira is also Miss Grabby Hands. Until she was about 4 months old I could read while nursing her but after that I basically had to pin her arms down because of all the flailing, pinching and pulling she would do. She loves to stick her fingers in my mouth while nursing – or now while getting the bottle. Not that I have any scientific evidence for this but maybe it means Kale is going to be a mover like Moira because she doesn’t SIT at all – she just crawls and now spends all her time pulling herself up on things.

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