Following Through

I am really excited because today I signed myself up for a lampworking class. I mentioned in my New Year’s Resolutions that I wanted to take a class and I am rather proud of myself for actually following through. Lampworking is glass bead making, like these:

Lampworked beads

And when I was hunting for a Christmas gift for my friend, I stumbled across a brand of beads called Troll Beads at my local jeweler. I was all set to buy a silver bracelet that had about 12 beads and was marked at $37 until the clerk told me that the $37 price tag was FOR THE BRACELET ONLY and that the clasp was $22 and EACH BEAD was about $50. Um… seriously? Are you kidding me? Gorgeous? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely not. 

So anyway, I started looking around and eventually found my way to Sunlight Art Glass, a Surrey company that offers classes both at their studio and through New Westminster Continuing Education. I’ve signed up for a course at their studio as the day is more convenient for me, and also because the studio Intro I class is limited to 6 students, whereas the one in New West is limited to 9 students and I am all about the one on one time. 

It is $50 for the Intro I class, and that includes your supplies. You should expect to make and take 8-10 beads. The second class, Intro II, is $60, and again, you make 8-10 beads. So for $110, I can have up to 20 beads I made, instead of one bracelet, one clasp, and one bead. Hmmm. Tough call. I can sign up for the second class at the first one – its scheduled a few weeks after the first one,  and I think I will because I haven’t even tried it and I cannot wait to get my hands on the supplies. I did a bit of hunting and the supplies are pretty inexpensive, too, as far as hobbies go. The torch you need is about $50, the rods are sold by the pound at about $10-$15 per pound and you get 18 ish rods per pound.  

Oh man, I can see this becoming highly addictive.

13 years ago

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